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Liu qiangdong, Zhang Ze, Tiantong, show love and sweet combination, go home together after dinner an

Since Liu qiangdong fell into a storm, rumors of marriage change have been frequently spread with his milk tea sister. Before that, Zhang Zetian also chose to go to Cambridge for further study.

Recently, some media photographed the same frame photo of the couple who haven't appeared for a long time. This is also the first fit show of love after the storm. It seems that the previous storm has not had much impact on their emotional relationship.

On the same day, Zhang Zetian looked like a lady in a dress. He looked in a good mood. He also talked with the little sisters next to him. It was hot. After his husband Liu qiangdong said goodbye to his friends, he wanted to take his wife Zhang Zetian and get on the bus and go home together.

Although they haven't been together for a long time, it's obvious that the couple are still very sweet.

Zhang Zetian later asked his husband to help take group photos of himself and his friends. In the face of the request of his little wife, domineering president Liu qiangdong helped skillfully. Then they got on the bus and went back to a high-end villa together.