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How to educate children correctly?

Recently, "Mommy is Superman" is on the air. It's a reality show that stars and mothers show their daily life with their babies. Ma Shuya shows up with her lovely mixed race baby, attracting the attention of netizens. In the program, Ma Shuya's over protection of children's education mode not only makes many netizens disagree, but also is opposed by her husband Robert.

This week, Ma Yashu also experienced the pain point when she was a mother -- her daughter went to school. For the first time, Ma Yashu, a sensitive mother, let go, couldn't help crying. On the first day of school, Miya, who had just tasted independence at the same time, was in constant condition, and was baffled by the problem of "going to school". Ma Yashu and his wife broke out in a fierce quarrel because of Miya's problem. Ma Yashu, who loves her children, thought her husband's' change is too fast 'and burst into tears.

Without her mother's protection, Mia's long-standing problems quickly exposed. The first taste of independent Mia and the children's get along is not fully adapted, crying more than. At home, Ma Yashu was also suffering. She was worried that she had the idea of going to school to be a teacher, and her pet child attribute was verified again.

How to educate children correctly?

1. Parents are the most important and irreplaceable educators in a child's life

The age of 0-6 is a critical period for the formation of children's quality and good habits. The first two years of a child's life are the key period to establish a strong emotional bond with his or her parents, and the basis for his or her future psychological growth and the establishment of a relationship of trust and love with others.

50% of all knowledge about life is learned in the first year of life and 25% in the second year of life. Here, life knowledge mainly refers to the development of love ability and emotion.

2. If you want to change your child's behavior, parents should first change themselves

Educating children is a process of educating themselves. Children's bad behaviors are often directly taught from the environment or parents. Setting an example to educate children is the most reliable way to develop their moral behavior.

3. Cultivating children's spiritual quality is more important than intellectual development

Spirit is tree, mind is fruit; spirit is lamp, mind is light. Human intelligence is a reflection of spiritual quality. If we only pay attention to the cultivation of skills (such as various kinds of early intelligence development interest classes) and neglect the cultivation of children's spiritual quality, we can only put the cart before the horse. When children grow up, their personality will be defective and their moral development will be hindered.

4. Reasonable control

To control children is to tell them the standard of behavior, that is, what can be done and what can't be done. Control should have authority: when children may make mistakes and we have to control them, we must have authority. Let the child know that you are serious and that your demands will be accompanied by punishment or reward. To limit children's sense of discipline, of course, we must be responsible for the control of children. And tell the child why you asked. Be consistent with your child's father: parents are consistent when they control their children, so that children can establish a unified standard of behavior. Even if you disagree with your father's control, it's better to discuss it with him later when the child is not present. In this way, the authority of both parents can be established. Don't punish too much: don't abuse your child physically and psychologically. The best way to manage your child is to reward him for his good performance.

5. Use positive encouragement methods to make children establish good self-worth

Parents need to actively teach their children basic values and behaviors. In order to facilitate the growth of children in society. Of course, in this respect, teaching by example is better than oral communication, and we can be good role models for children. It's important to create a good family atmosphere. Therefore, we can't let children do what we don't want, and we can't do one set by ourselves, let children do another. Only when we set an example and pay attention to the cultivation of children's values and politeness, can we educate the next generation with noble morality.

People with high self-worth have three abilities: I have the ability; I can communicate with people around me; I can contribute to the happiness of others anytime and anywhere. Believe that you have the potential to learn and grow, and develop courage, faith, self-confidence, trust in life and others. On the contrary, low self-worth is a kind of negative understanding of self. Self blame, shame, anger, hatred and other destructive feelings are always accompanied by life.

6. Set up clear family rules and hold regular family meetings

Children need to know where the boundaries are, what should be done and what should not be done. Without rules, children have no sense of security. There are no more than 5 to 6 family rules, which should be suitable for the specific needs of the family, and they must be stated with affirmative sentences and posted. In case of violation of family rules, corresponding punishment measures shall be specified. Once established, it should be resolutely implemented, and the family rules should be adjusted and mended at regular intervals. Hold regular family meetings, so that the whole family can share the process of life development, develop democracy, respect each other and enjoy the atmosphere of love.