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Wu Lei risked a penalty in the first round. Wu Lei reflected his characteristics of being good at fo

Before the first game of the new season in La Liga, Spanish coach Gallego admitted that Sevilla would be the 'strongest opponent' encountered, and the score confirmed this. However, Wu Lei, who started the game, was one of the rare highlights of the Spaniard's attack. He made threats by retreating and crossing from the right many times, and almost made penalties.

Wu Lei falls into a tight encirclement

For the second leg of lucerne, Wu Lei started for the first time this season and played the whole game. Considering that Gallego retired most of the main players, it means that Wu Lei may be difficult to start in the first game of La Liga. However, Gallego still gave Wu Lei a chance to start. This is Wu Lei's first consecutive start this season, and the Chinese striker has also proved his ability.

Before the Europa League, the strength of the two opponents of the Spaniard was far inferior to himself, so you can rest assured and boldly rely on the breakthrough and cross passing of the two wings. However, in the winger confrontation with Seville, the Spaniard was completely at a disadvantage. After all, Sevilla has regillon and nolito on the left and Navas and ocampos on the right. The flank is the attack routine that Gallego focused on after taking office. The flank is firmly suppressed, which means that the Spaniard's attack is at a loss.

In this situation, as a striker, Wu Lei played an important role. The Spaniard's first shot in this game came from Wu Lei. When defending a corner, Sevilla's defender made a mistake in header clearance. Wu Lei seized the opportunity to header the top. Unfortunately, there was no right part, and the ball hit the top net. Although he is not tall, Wu Lei has repeatedly used his sense of snatching points to get the chance to head the top. He scored the first goal of the season with a header against Lucerne.

It's no coincidence that the Spaniard's second shot was also due to Wu Lei. Vargas cut inside the left and stuffed straight. Wu Lei did it for the first time. Vargas took advantage of the situation to launch a long-range shot. After this shot, Vargas gave Wu Lei a thumbs up. In the first round against Lucerne, the Argentine winger once entered the world wave in this way, and in the second round, Vargas sent assists for Wu Lei. There is no doubt that the tacit understanding between Wu Lei and Vargas has become higher and higher.

The Spaniard only shot three times in the first half, and the third time came from the long-range shot in front of Ferreira's restricted area. However, the Argentine center obviously acted too hastily. He didn't realize that Wu Lei had inserted forward at high speed, but chose a wave shot. After Iglesias left the team, Ferreira headed to the center position, while Wu Lei's position was slightly behind. However, the performance of this game also exposed Ferreira's problems. His performance often depends on the support of his teammates.

Wu Lei's role in this battle is not only to withdraw and meet. He often detours to the right to pass the ball in time. He sent a good ball in the 13th minute. Unfortunately, Ferreira and Vargas missed both points. In the 54th minute, Wu Lei sent a more beautiful pass almost in the same position. Unfortunately, Diego Carlos cleared before Ferreira. The referee thought Carlos had a handball for the first time, so he awarded a penalty. However, after looking back at the slow camera, the referee cancelled the penalty.

Since joining the Spaniard in the winter window, Wu Lei has reflected his characteristics of being good at forward insertion incisively and vividly. Dadel and Roca have relied on straight plug to send assists for him. After the World War I against Lucerne, Vargas once again sent a wonderful pass in midfield. Unfortunately, Wu Lei, who has fought for two consecutive games, has decreased his physical fitness and failed to stop the ball when he almost formed a single knife. Aware of Wu Lei's lack of physical strength, Gallego replaced the Chinese striker with kampsano three minutes later. Lost to Seville, the Spaniard is really inferior, but Wu Lei's performance in this battle is commendable.