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What's the matter with Huang Xiaoming's dubbing? Is Huang Xiaoming's dubbing true

What's the matter with Huang Xiaoming's dubbing? Is Huang Xiaoming's dubbing true

Because the variety "Chinese restaurant" Huang Xiaoming has been hacked several times recently. After the program was broadcast, some netizens said that he wanted to wash himself in his later dubbing. For a time, there was a lot of noise on the Internet. In the afternoon, the studio came to officially refute the rumor, saying that Huang Xiaoming was very busy and had no time to dub, and that he would investigate the rumor mongers and protect his rights legally.

Full text of Huang Xiaoming studio statement:

Recently, some network users spread false information about Mr. Huang Xiaoming on the network platform, including the content design 'Mr. Huang Xiaoming's investment in Chinese restaurant program' and 'special late dubbing modification for whitewashing'. Once such false information is released, it causes the public to reprint it wantonly, resulting in the general public and the media's wrong understanding of the facts, which has seriously damaged Mr. Huang Xiaoming's reputation.

In order to clarify the facts, the studio solemnly declares as follows:

1、 Mr. Huang Xiaoming has been busy with his work. He can't even record the so-called dubbing. About the variety show "Chinese restaurant", Huang Xiaoming Xiaosheng seriously participated in the program recording from beginning to end. After the program was broadcast, some netizens estimated that they distorted the facts, spread the false remarks of Mr. Huang Xiaoming and the program group of Chinese restaurant, and repeatedly guided the wrong public opinion.

2、 The studio severely condemns the disseminators of relevant rumors. Please delete relevant network users and media immediately and stop spreading false information. For the infringement of malicious slander against Huang Xiaoming, the studio has entrusted background Xingquan law firm to deal with it according to law and defend the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Huang Xiaoming.

The whole story of Huang Xiaoming's dubbing event

The Chinese restaurant was not passed by the storm of Prince Huang Xiaoming's disease in Tucao. Some netizens broke the news. The team of Huang Xiaoming make complaints about the program group, forcing the program group to edit the picture two times before the broadcast.

At 10:00 p.m. on Friday, a new slot broke out after the launch of the latest issue of Chinese restaurant. When watching the program, some sharp eyed Netizens found that what Huang Xiaoming said in the program was not right with his mouth. They suspected that the program had been dubbed in the later stage.

Lip language experts and netizens who have seen the variety show have said that among the several pictures broadcast in the program, Huang Xiaoming's mouth shape and voice do not match.

The question that arises from this is: leader Huang created a new era of dubbing in the late stage of variety show, forcibly washing the white overturned car. It's better not to wash it.

But this time, Huang Xiaoming's team firmly denied to the media: 'we don't have time to dub the program at all. We don't even have time to do interviews.' Also wronged said: 'netizens are black for the sake of black. Originally, the program is that everyone has his own wheat. It's not that everyone speaks to this microphone. This thing will not be amplified on others. When it comes to him, everyone yells.'

In a sense, Huang Xiaoming's team is right. The public's intense discussion of these variety show details has projected emotions beyond the event itself, and the doubts about artists are snowballing. A trifle turns into a storm.