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What are the skills of small house decoration?

it doesn't matter how small the home is. As long as you master some tips, even if the house is small, you can also enjoy the living experience of wide vision, clean and refreshing.

The curtain is flush with the ceiling

"Raise" and "lengthen" the curtains are the secrets to make the room grow up. Most people are used to arranging the curtains close to the windows, but it's not suitable for families with small space. Try to install the hanging bar at the same height as the ceiling, and the room will grow in an instant, and the lighting will be better.

In addition, lengthen the length of the curtain, let it just drop to the ground, visually it can appear that the ceiling is higher.

The bigger the carpet, the better

Many people must think that the smaller the room is, the smaller the carpet should be. However, this is a big mistake. It will give people the feeling that the room is too small and there is no place to put it. You may as well buy a grand carpet directly. The effect is absolutely unexpected.

The lighter the wall color is, the better. The vertical stripe shall be selected as far as possible

When buying wallpaper, remember a basic principle: choose light or expensive. As long as the color is light and comfortable, it is the most suitable color for home. Dark color will bring heavy and compressed feeling to the room.

If you're a striped control, try vertical stripes, which visually extend the room.

Main light source is mainly built-in type

Although the eye-catching and retro style hanging chandelier is beautiful, it will reduce the height, and it is difficult to feel the relaxed atmosphere when entering the room. The embedded lamp can make the ceiling look clean and tidy, and naturally grow in vision. In addition, it also has the characteristics of not easy to attract dust and evenly distributed light, which is the best choice for small family.

Try to choose high foot furniture

Although the heavy sofa is comfortable to sit up, it will only make the narrow room look smaller, and the high foot furniture can create more space and look more fresh; the corresponding tablecloth is not suitable to use the drop type, which is the most suitable size for the desktop.

Don't paste sundries on the surface of refrigerator

A friend who is keen on collecting refrigerator stickers may paste all the fridges on the fridge. Although this makes the home look very life like, it will also make the space more messy and unable to play the function of pasting paper. Take them down or keep a small part of them. Give them a clean and comfortable space in the refrigerator and kitchen.