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Ping An responded to the HSBC incident and did not participate in operation and management, which wa

Video screenshot last week, the resignation of two HSBC executives attracted market attention. On August 5, fan Ning, chief executive of HSBC Holdings, announced his resignation. On August 9, Huang bijuan, general manager of the group and chief executive of Greater China, announced her departure.

Recently, it was rumored that Ping An, the largest shareholder of HSBC Holdings, was involved in the resignation of HSBC executives. In this regard, China Ping An responded to the Beijing News reporter that it would not comment on the rumors. Ping An's stake in HSBC is purely a financial investment of the company's insurance funds and does not participate in daily operation and management.

On August 12, HSBC also responded to the resignation of two senior executives, saying that we have noticed recent social media rumors that the recent personnel changes of two senior executives of HSBC are interrelated and are based on the results of shareholders' pressure on external events. We hereby declare that these are unfounded rumors.