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Can wechat payment be used abroad? How can wechat payment be used abroad

At home, you may rarely use cash to buy things. In many cases, you pay with wechat, but can you pay with wechat abroad? I'm used to paying by mobile phone. What if I'm not used to going abroad? Can wechat payment be used abroad? How to use wechat payment abroad?

If you mean to transfer money to a friend, of course. The Internet knows no borders. You can transfer money to a friend anywhere through wechat; If you refer to offline transactions, you need to see whether the local businesses support it. If so, you can use it. Otherwise, you can't use it.

Of course, wechat payment can also be used abroad. Wechat payment is a payment function built in wechat. If your convenience stores in foreign shopping malls support wechat payment, you can use wechat payment.