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Exposed that Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng will hold a wedding in Bali? The date is the woman's birt

On August 16, some netizens broke out that Feng Shaofeng was going to have a make-up wedding with Zhao Liying, which was held in Bali, the well-known holy land of wedding!

According to the report, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying will be married in Bali on October 16. October 16 is Zhao Liying's birthday. Feng Shaofeng is very interested in choosing this day. Insiders also said that Feng Shaofeng has always been preparing for the wedding, and wedding photos have been arranged for shooting, which will not be less.

Now Zhao Liying gave birth to a son to Feng Shaofeng. The three members of the family are low-key and happy. Although Zhao Liying did not respond to the marriage incident, she believes that if the wedding is really about to be held, this is Zhao Liying's most direct and happiest response. Zhao Liying, as the queen of ratings, is about to make a formal comeback. It seems that there are many good works waiting for you.