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The whole story of the actress being teased by the company: she beat someone and was dismissed

As we all know, Guo Degang has no female apprentices. The whole Deyun society has no actresses for many years, except for several actresses who appeared on the stage in the early days. In Guo Degang's own words, the crosstalk industry can not accept female apprentices first. It is said that the predecessors of crosstalk have no accidents for those who have accepted female apprentices. As expected, Hou Yaowen's brother Hou Yaohua had an Anakin incident, which made the old artist lose his life at night. Guo Degang also said that because of the special nature of the crosstalk industry, actresses are not suitable to perform on the stage, and their counterparts in the crosstalk industry have proved this sentence with practical actions.

Recently, a crosstalk actress was fired for beating her colleagues, which triggered a heated debate. What's the situation? Is it too violent for a woman to beat a colleague? This happened in the 'crosstalk new forces teahouse' in Xi'an. The announcement listed several 'crimes' of crosstalk actress Wang Xiaoqiu. What did she do? Let's have a detailed understanding of the cause of the whole event.

Crosstalk actresses are curious about the reason why they beat their colleagues. Is it true that they are fired just because they beat their colleagues? There are different voices on the Internet. The act of beating colleagues is wrong. Someone posted the "pad words" part of her performance on the same stage with Han Shuai on the Internet. The video shows that Wang Xiaoqiu first took Han Shuai for a burden and joked with Han Shuai's name. Han Shuai responded: "your name is Wang Xiaoqiu, do you have a ball?"

Some netizens believe that such words mean sexual harassment, at least disrespect for women, and Wang Xiaoqiu's conflict with them is excusable. However, some netizens believe that Wang Xiaoqiu was dismissed mainly because of his' strike 'and other factors.

Recently, the "crosstalk new forces teahouse" in Xi'an issued an announcement, saying that actor Wang Xiaoqiu 'had a verbal conflict with the same actors on the evening of August 11, did not abide by the actor's professional ethics, falsely reported the facts backstage, refused to solve the incident by the society, beat the actors privately, and called off the performance on the same day. This series of behaviors seriously violated the community discipline, violated the industry rules and affected social unity, Touch the bottom line of the community '. For the above reasons, 'crosstalk new forces teahouse' removed it from the list.

Viewers who watched last year's crosstalk with new people should still remember this man named Wang Xiaoqiu. There are few actresses on the crosstalk stage. When Wang Xiaoqiu performed in the new forces of crosstalk, he dressed himself up every time. His professional ability is not strong. It doesn't look like crosstalk. According to the description of the audience that night, during Wang Xiaoqiu's performance that night, his partner's actor ridiculed an inappropriate remark, which aroused Wang Xiaoqiu's anger. At that time, he yelled at the actor on the stage, continued to chase after the actor after stepping down, and directly stopped the performance, which had a very bad impact on the new forces of crosstalk.

Guo Degang once again became a prophet. It is for this reason that there can be no actresses on the crosstalk stage. Many normal jokes between actors are not suitable for actresses, especially those involving the relationship between men and women. Just like why the actors of Er Ren Zhuan are basically husband and wife, it is because there are a lot of male and female relations during the performance. Only the performance between the couple will not cause so much controversy. This time, it happened to confirm Guo Degang's words. The actors and actresses fought on the stage because of one sentence.

It is also reasonable for the new crosstalk forces to dismiss the actress named Wang Xiaoqiu. Guo Degang has a saying that art is greater than heaven. Even if you don't like listening to the words of the actor on the stage, you have to settle accounts after the performance is finished and after you get off the stage. It was a taboo for an actor to interrupt his performance on the stage and deal with personal affairs. What's more, he went on strike and left the audience of a theater aside.