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Can Japanese companies take cats to work? What's the advantage of taking a cat to work?

when it comes to Japanese enterprises, people often think of endless overtime and strict relationship between superiors and subordinates. When working in Japanese enterprises, employees often feel 'pressure mountain'. To solve this problem, a Japanese company has found a cure: let cats and employees work together.

Ferray is a small Internet business in Tokyo, Japan. It's hard to imagine that there are nine free breathing meow stars working with employees in its office. Some of them jump to the knee of the staff, some knock on the keyboard of the computer with soft claw pad, some eat, some sleep, all of them are casual and comfortable.

Hidenobu Fukuda is the boss of the company. In 2000, one of his partners proposed to bring a pet cat to work. Since then, the company has allowed employees to bring cats to work. He also said: 'not only that, if employees come back from the outside to help stray cats, we will also pay a bonus of 5000 yen (about 40 euros) to receive a cat. ERI ITO, an employee of ferray, thinks the working environment with cats is very attractive: 'when you work, cats sleep next to you safely, which makes people feel very relaxed. '

Now in Japan, many companies also start to bring animals to the office, hoping to relieve the work pressure and inner anxiety of employees.

At Oracle's Japanese branch in the United States, candy, a short tailed and long haired sheepdog, is called the company's' ambassador '. He is not only responsible for greeting guests at the company's door, but also effectively helps employees reduce stress. The company has been keeping dogs in the office since 1991, and candy is the fourth. It is very famous and has its own twitter and instagram accounts.


Pasona is an enterprise dedicated to human resource management and recruitment. The company hired two goats full time in 2011 and two alpacas in 2013. Their arrival also alleviates the work pressure of employees to a certain extent.

In addition, in more than 60 cafes in Tokyo, there are meow star people strolling around with you.