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No circle of friends, wife runs away, wife wants to jump into the river to scare the boy

No circle of friends, wife runs away, wife wants to jump into the river to scare the boy

On August 11, Xiao Liu and his newly married wife traveled from Sichuan to Xi'an. During this period, the two people's congresses had a quarrel. His wife left angrily and threatened to jump into the river.

Xiao Liu looked depressed because his newly married wife left after a big quarrel with him, which made Xiao Liu look for it for hours and couldn't find it.

Tourist Xiao Liu: "we came to Xi'an from Sichuan. At more than 9 p.m. on August 11, my wife and I suddenly had a quarrel, and then she left."

Xiao Liu said that when he and his wife were shopping, suddenly the other party quarreled with him, left him in a moment of anger, and finally got lost. The reason for the quarrel is really puzzling.

Tourist Xiao Liu: 'my wife said she came to Xi'an to play. She hasn't sent a circle of friends for so many days. She said if I don't want to go out with her.'

Just because he didn't send a circle of friends, his wife left him in a rage. What worried Xiao Liu was that his wife threatened to jump into the river when she left, but Xiao Liu was worried. However, a few hours later, Xiao Liu, who still didn't find his wife, became more and more worried.

Tourist Xiao Liu: 'because I'm not familiar with my place, I took a taxi and asked the driver to pull me around. I came down once every bridge and looked next to the bridge and the river to see if she was nearby. The most worrying thing is that she can't think of it, because my wife is in a hurry. "

Xiao Liu searched near Qujiang pool for five hours and still didn't see his wife. He told reporters that he and his wife just got married a few months ago and rarely quarreled on weekdays. Now his wife left angrily and didn't answer the phone. He was very helpless and had to ask the police of Qujiang police station to help find it.

It is understood that Xiao Liu has found his wife.

The police of Qujiang police station of Xi'an Public Security Yanta branch said: 'after Xiao Liu called the police, we accompanied him to find his lover around 6 a.m. this morning. Finally, we found his lover in the park between Yannan third road and Yannan second road. When we arrived at the scene, the other party saw us and ran away, unwilling to meet Xiao Liu. I persuaded the other party and told her that there must be a limit to your willfulness. You can't be like this if you come to Xi'an from other places and don't know your place well. "

Fortunately, Xiao Liu finally found his wife. However, Xiaobian wants to say that there are inevitable quarrels between husband and wife, but quarrels should also be measured. In daily life, mutual understanding, tolerance and consideration are more important.