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What ghosts are there in the night trip of all ghosts on the Chinese New Year's day? Names and brief

in a few days, it will be the Lunar New Year's day on the 15th day of July. The festival is also called ghost festival among the people and Yulan basin festival in Buddhism. The reason why Zhongyuan Festival is called ghost festival is that it is said that all ghosts are released from the underground on that day, and people generally carry out activities to sacrifice ghosts. The most common saying in modern times is that the ghost gate is opened in July and a half, and all ghosts travel at night. At night, everyone tries to stay closed to avoid hitting ghosts. So what are the ghosts in the night trip on the Zhongyuan Festival? What are their names? This article brings you the introduction of 1-15 ghosts in the night trip of 100 ghosts on the Zhongyuan Festival. Let's have a look.

001 Hanging Ghost

Hanging Ghost, also known as Hanging Ghost, refers to the ghost who committed suicide and died by hanging. It is one of the twelve common ghosts. Hanging Ghost has a disheveled head, pale face, prominent eyes, and a long blood red tongue in his mouth. I like to hang around the person who wants to die and watch him commit suicide.

002 Water Ghost

A water ghost is a person who drowns in the water. With green or red eyes, water ghosts can swim quickly in the water like otters. The water ghost will become very strong in the water, and his skin will be as sticky and slippery as oil. Water ghosts always want to drown people in their hands as a substitute for their reincarnation. But he is most afraid of fire and hot things.

003 knife ghost

Dao Lao ghost is a monster haunting in the mountains of Linchuan, Jiangxi Province. It is often accompanied by strong wind and heavy rain. It sounds like a person roaring (that is, 'ghost crying' in the idiom 'ghost crying and wolf howling'). Dao Lao ghost can eject highly toxic gas from its mouth. The poison gas will shoot people like an arrow. The person hit by the poison gas will die in a day. If a dead person is not burned, he will become a knife ghost.

004 haunting ghost

Haunted ghosts have the same appearance as ordinary people. They often go in and out together and like to wear purple clothes. They hide the register of the name and time of the dead, arrive at the dead according to the time, call the name of the dead, and the soul of the dead will go out of the body. Then, the arresting ghost tied his soul with a rope and took it to the underworld. Yes, he robbed black and white impermanence of business.

005 child ghost

Child ghost, also known as night crying ghost, is transformed after the death of a dead child, shaped like a child. He often appears at night and jumps on the children's bed, which makes the children unable to sleep and cry loudly. If left unchecked, children will have a high fever, because child ghosts always like to increase the number of their companions. Child ghosts are very afraid of light and red lanterns.

006 Reggae

The Reggae has a head like an ape (or a pig or a bear), lips like vermilion, eyes like a mirror, long horns on the top of the head, blue meat wings on the back, and a tail like a leopard. Reggae sometimes carries an axe and sometimes a stick. It often haunts the air with the sound of thunder and can guide lightning to hurt people.

007 tomb ghost

As the name suggests, tomb ghosts are ghosts haunting the cemetery. Tomb ghosts are very peaceful ghosts. Generally, they don't harm people. They like to be quiet and don't like others to harass them, so they often joke with the people harassing them, such as sending out ghost fires floating in the air, such as making people unable to get out of the cemetery and circling in place (commonly known as ghost beating the wall).

008 shaggy head ghost

The shaggy ghost looks strange. His hair stands upright like a needle, like a hippie's explosive head. He loves to wear colorful clothes, haunts in forests and other places where animals are dense, and is the God of animal protection. When man kills animals, he often appears. Pengtou ghost can appear during the day. Don't be afraid to meet pengtou ghost. Just promise to bury the animal corpse.

009 ghost

The soul of a person eaten by a tiger will be attached to the tiger and become a guide for the tiger to eat people. That's what 'serving the tiger' means. Ghosts look like people, but it's easy to distinguish them. Male ghosts have no little finger in their left hand and female ghosts have no little finger in their right hand. Tigers generally don't eat drunk people, so it's a good way to pretend to be drunk when meeting ghosts.

010 big head ghost

We often hear things like 'meet a big head ghost' and 'see a big head ghost'. As the name suggests, the big headed ghost has an extraordinary big head, at least as big as three heads of ordinary people. Because he is holding his big head, he walks slowly, holding his big head with his hands while walking. The big head ghost is a kind of gentle ghost and will not take the initiative to hurt people.

011 birth ghost

A woman who dies of dystocia will become a ghost. Ghosts haunt living pregnant women and hinder their production. It is difficult to distinguish between ghosts and human women. The only difference is that there is a red line called 'blood bait' in the throat of ghosts. Ghosts enter the abdomen of pregnant women by this red line. The parturient ghost connects the blood bait to the fetus, and the pregnant woman cannot give birth.

012 imperial examination ghost

It was transformed by the people who failed in the imperial examination and ended up depressed in ancient times. Often appear in the scholar's study, or mess up the scholar's paper, ink, pen and inkstone, or help the scholar modify the article. The ghost just wants to place his last wish on others. This kind of ghost always likes to drop his schoolbag, regardless of whether his thoughts and articles are out of date.

013 belly ghost

Belly ghost is one of the most mysterious ghosts. In his strange notes, no one can see his appearance, and no one knows how he enters people's belly. The person who is put into the belly by the belly ghost can hear the voice of the belly ghost until death. There is only one way to be saved by an abdominal ghost, that is to use Zhu pill (also known as eight poison red pill).

014 ghost

Ghost is the largest number of ghosts. In fact, it is the soul of people after death. Such ghosts are honest and honest. They enter the underworld according to the rules, lose their previous memory and reincarnate. In the view of ancient Chinese people, everyone should become a ghost after death. By doing more good deeds during his life, he can suffer less in the underworld.

015 ferocious ghost

It is also called evil ghost. This kind of ghost can appear during the day. The ferocious ghost has a strong body, a ferocious face, a wide mouth and big eyes, tusks in his mouth and horns on his head. They are not so much ghosts as cannibals or ape men. They often drink human and animal blood and eat human and animal meat with a big stick full of nails.