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IBM once again topped the list of U.S. patent agencies

IBM once again topped the list of U.S. patent agencies on August 12, according to foreign media reports, based on the data released by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office, the American Association of intellectual property owners (IPO) recently announced the list of top 300 U.S. utility model patent granting agencies in 2018.

The list shows that IBM once again topped the list, Huawei ranked 19th, and Huawei's U.S. branch futurewai Technologies Inc also ranked 101; BOE ranked 20.

According to the IPO, 307759 patents were issued in 2018, down from 318829 in 2017. By country, there are six American companies in the top ten, two in South Korea, and one in Japan and Taiwan.

The top 20 IPO patent 300 companies are IBM (9088), Samsung Electronics (5836), Canon (3206), General Electric (2769), Intel (2728), Google parent company alphabet (2597), LG Electronics (2473), TSMC (2448), Microsoft (2385), Qualcomm (2300) and apple (2147) , Dell, Toyota, Ford, United Technologies, Amazon, Samsung display, Sony, Huawei and BOE.

Samsung display fell from 11th to 17th, Sony from 13th to 18th, and Yama from 15th to 16th. Dell, Ford and United Technologies improved their rankings.