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What is the best material for frying pan? That kind of frying pan is good for human health

What material is suitable for frying pan? Most of the frying pans on the market are made of iron, stainless steel and ceramic crystal, which makes people dazzled and difficult to choose. So what material is better for frying pans? Let's have a look

First of all, it depends on the thermal conductivity of the frying pan. Thermal conductivity silver in metal & gt; Copper & gt; Aluminum & gt; Iron & gt; The prices of stainless steel, silver and copper are relatively high. There are few frying pans made of these two materials on the market, and the copper rust dissolved from copper is also toxic, so it is generally not used. The thermal conductivity of the remaining aluminum and iron is moderate, but cooking in an aluminum pan is easy to overflow aluminum, which is harmful to the body. Although the thermal conductivity of iron is not as good as that of aluminum, in the process of cooking and cooking, the iron pot does not contain other chemicals, will not oxidize, and there is little dissolved matter. Even if the iron material dissolves a small amount of iron, it is also good for the human body.

Some people have done research and cooked several fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and vegetables in frying pans of different materials. The results show that the preserved vitamin C content of dishes cooked in iron pot is significantly higher than that in stainless steel pot and non stick pot. Although cooking in aluminum pot can also retain more vitamin C, the dissolved aluminum is harmful to health.

Therefore, from the perspective of health, it is best to choose iron pot for cooking, which can not only reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables, but also directly supplement iron, which is of great benefit to the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Material characteristics of stainless steel pot: compared with iron frying pan, the weight of stainless steel pot will be lighter, but the firmness will not be discounted. It can be said that it has achieved a good balance of heat, weight and quality. In addition, the stainless steel pot should not rust and will not hide dirt. When cleaning, it can greatly reduce the workload. If it is cleaned frequently and properly, the pot body can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time.

Material characteristics of alloy wok: most alloy woks are aluminum alloy products, and a few titanium alloy products. Due to the development of alloy technology, alloy pot products on the market have fully oxidized the pot surface in terms of material, so they can stand the test in terms of safety indicators. On the contrary, due to many additional technologies, the alloy pot can well avoid some shortcomings of stainless steel products and iron products, and make it in a balanced position in performance. It will not have obvious advantages, but there are no annoying defects at the same time. Of course, we do not recommend the selection of alloy wok products with unreliable brands and low prices.