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Yingluck's Serbian nationality is still being pursued by the Thai government

Yingluck's Serbian nationality is still being pursued by the Thai government according to Serbian media reports, Serbian Prime Minister brnabic signed a decision after the government meeting on June 27 this year to grant yingluck citizenship. The decision said that according to the law, 'foreigners in line with the national interests can also obtain Serbian citizenship'.

Yingluck, 52, became the first female prime minister in Thai history in 2011. Since 2014, the government's rice purchase policy implemented after yingluck took office has been criticized, resulting in national fiscal deficit and corruption.

In May of the same year, the Constitutional Court of Thailand dismissed yingluck Prime Minister for abuse of power and violation of the constitution. Subsequently, the Thai military launched a coup to overthrow the yingluck government.

In September 2017, the Supreme Court of Thailand convicted yingluck of dereliction of duty and connivance to corruption, sentenced him to five years' imprisonment and issued an arrest warrant. The case was originally planned to be sentenced in August, but yingluck did not appear in court on the grounds of physical discomfort. The Thai government later confirmed that she had fled Thailand.

It is also reported that Chacong, director of the International Affairs Department of the attorney general's office of Thailand, told the Thai media on the 9th that yingluck has obtained the nationality of other countries, Thailand's pursuit of yingluck will not be affected, and the judgment of the Supreme Court is still valid.