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What does high blood sugar eat? What do hyperglycemic patients need to pay attention to in their lif

What does hyperglycemia patient eat? In life, hyperglycemia is a very common disease, many people are very easy to cause hyperglycemia! In fact, hyperglycemia and diabetes need reasonable regulation of diet. So what are the patients with hyperglycemia to eat? Let's have a look

What does high blood sugar eat

1. Onion

Onion is a very common food, but many people can't accept the pungent smell of onion, which is helpful for hyperglycemia.

2. Laver

Laver is also a good choice. Laver is rich in nutrients, which can reduce blood sugar to a certain extent.

3. Oats

Oats are a good choice for people with high blood sugar, because the sugar content of oats is very low, which is very suitable for the principle of high blood sugar diet.

4. Garlic

Garlic contains a variety of sulfur-containing volatile compounds, thiosulfite esters, glycosides, polysaccharides, lipids and other compounds. Garlic has good bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, hypolipidemic, vascular and liver protective effects. In recent years, garlic has been found to have a good hypoglycemic effect and can be used as a dietary therapy for diabetic patients. Garlic can be eaten raw, boiled, simmered, or as an ingredient.

5. Black fungus

Because Auricularia auricula contains Auricularia polysaccharide and vitamins, among which the polysaccharide component has the effect of reducing blood sugar. Patients can often eat some Auricularia auricula. Generally, Auricularia auricula can be fried or stewed, or used as ingredients.

6. Konjac

Konjac is a kind of food with low heat energy and high cellulose. Because of its large molecular weight, high viscosity and slow excretion in the intestine, it can delay the absorption of glucose and effectively reduce the increase of postprandial blood glucose. Konjac glucomannan is effective in reducing blood sugar in diabetics. Because it has strong water absorption and low heat energy, it can increase satiety, reduce hunger and reduce weight, so it is an ideal food for diabetics.

7. Balsam pear

Ancient literature records that bitter gourd can treat 'diabetes' (equivalent to diabetes nowadays). In modern clinical reports, Momordica charantia extract has significant hypoglycemic effect, and the effective rate of Momordica charantia tablet in treating diabetes is 79.3%. Balsam pear can be fried in soup or cold dishes, or it can be ground into juice or dried to make tea.

What are the precautions for hyperglycemia

Attention one

Patients with hyperglycemia must avoid high-fat and high cholesterol foods, such as fried foods, peanuts, walnuts and other high-fat foods, egg yolk, crab roe, animal viscera and other high cholesterol foods. Try not to eat or eat less. When cooking, try to avoid frying, frying, baking and other methods. Try cooking, stewing, boiling and steaming. When cooking, use vegetable oil instead of animal oil.

Note two

Avoid foods with high sugar content. There is no doubt that it is necessary to reduce blood sugar in the body and prevent the rise of blood sugar. Don't eat desserts, desserts and preserves with high sugar. Pay attention to even fruits. Some fruits, such as watermelon and banana, have high sugar content and don't eat them without restraint.

Attention three

People with high blood sugar should not go to bed after eating, because at this time, the blood flows to the stomach and goes to sleep immediately. The brain will lack blood supply. They should move slightly for half an hour and then go to sleep. If it is a nap, the sleep time should not be too long. Half an hour is enough. After waking up, they must drink a cup of boiled water to dilute the blood to avoid high blood sugar.

Causes of high blood sugar

1. Bad living habits and environment. Most of today's young people like fast food such as KFC and don't like vegetables and fruits. Long term eating habits may lead to high blood sugar.

2. Air anion is a natural factor existing in the air and can effectively reduce hyperglycemia. However, environmental pollution leads to a sharp decrease in the content of negative oxygen ions in the air and insufficient negative oxygen ions absorbed by human body, which is also an important reason for hyperglycemia.

3. Hyperglycemia caused by other diseases. Coronary heart disease is closely related to hyperglycemia.

4. after eliminating the above causes of hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia is most likely the early symptom of diabetes.

5. Genetic and other reasons can also lead to hyperglycemia.

Tip: when you encounter hyperglycemia in your life, it's necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time. I hope you can pay attention to it in your life.