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What's the matter with driving away Rolls Royce? The rich man drove away while selling Rolls Royce

(original title: Zhuji, Zhejiang: 'Rolls Royce' was robbed in the daytime, and the mastermind behind the scenes was the intermediary selling the car)

Entrusted a second-hand car intermediary to sell 'Rolls Royce', but unexpectedly, the intermediary ordered others to rob the vehicle in the name of 'test run' - surging news learned from the police of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province on August 7 that Zhou, the second-hand car intermediary involved, and the three suspects who committed the robbery have been detained.

Robbed Rolls Royce Zhejiang online map

On August 3, Che claimed to report a case to the industrial new town police station of Zhuji Public Security Bureau, saying that a Rolls Royce car he was going to transfer was robbed under the pretext of "test run". Previously, he bought a Rolls Royce 'gust' with a new price of more than 4 million yuan for 700000 yuan through Zhou, a used car intermediary in Hangzhou. However, after buying it, he found that he could not get the license plate due to incomplete procedures, so he contacted Zhou again and asked him to help sell it.

Wang and LV, the 'buyers' introduced by Zhou, arrived in Zhuji on August 2. After Zhang asked the driver to take them to test drive, the other party expressed satisfaction, but also asked the company's' major shareholder'.

The next day, the driver met with Wang, LV and 'major shareholder' Chen for test run. Chen drove, the driver took the co driver's seat and the other two took the back seat. Driving to a remote place, Chen said to change the driver. After the driver got off, Wang and LV in the back also got off the car and hugged him. Chen drove away, and Wang and LV ran away separately.

On the 4th, Zhuji police arrested three suspects in Hangzhou and found the vehicle involved. According to Wang, the mastermind of the case was Zhou, a second-hand car intermediary, who promised to pay them 50000 yuan when it was done. Wang and LV originally planned to steal a car. They stepped on it a little, but they didn't have a chance to start. They pretended to buy a car and took the opportunity to grab a car. On the 2nd, he and LV were ready to install GPS positioning equipment or steal the key to the car during the test run, so they called Chen to rob the car the next day.

According to reports, Zhou, 23, from Jiangshan, Zhejiang, operates second-hand cars in Hangzhou. The police handling the case told surging news that Zhou refused to explain after he was arrested, and the case is still under further investigation.