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What are the common life tips? These are the most practical

There are always a lot of headaches in life, such as the sprouting of potatoes bought before they have time to eat, the root of bananas bought will rot soon, and so on. What should we do in this case? The following Xiaobian will teach you some life tips. Learn them quickly

1. Potatoes sprout easily. What should I do

You can put an apple next to the potato, because the mature apple will release a plant hormone ethylene, which can promote the ripening of plant fruits and the shedding of organs. When potatoes and apples are put together, the ethylene produced by apples will inhibit the production of auxin by the cells at the bud eye of potatoes. If the auxin accumulation is not enough, it will not germinate.

2. Bananas rot easily. What should I do

Wrapping banana roots with plastic wrap can prolong the preservation time.

3. What if the frozen ice cream is always hard

Put the ice cream in the fresh-keeping bag, store it, and then take it out to eat, it won't be so hard.

4. What if the pot overflows easily when making soup

When making soup, putting a wooden spoon on the pot can effectively prevent the pot from overflowing.

5. How to prevent the cake from drying after opening the bag

Put the bread on the cake to prevent the bread from drying. Try it if you don't believe it.

6. What if the egg doesn't peel well

Find a fresh-keeping box with a lid and fill it with one-third of the water. Put the cooked eggs in the box and shake them left and right for a few times. The egg skin is easy to peel off.

7. Why doesn't overnight pizza affect the taste

If you heat the pizza in the microwave, a small glass of water next to the pizza can make the pizza taste better.

8. How to store the rest of the boiled spaghetti that can't be eaten in a bag

Don't throw the bucket after eating potato chips. It can be used to store noodles. The length is just right!

9. You can do this if you want to fry an egg in a regular shape

Cut an onion ring and put it in the frying pan as a template, then beat the eggs directly in the onion ring, and the fried eggs will be round.