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Come on, what's the best update every week? Come on, you are the best update time and plot introduct

Recently, the urban emotional inspirational drama "come on, you are the best" starring Deng Lun, Ma Sichun, Han Tongsheng and Ni Hongjie is popular. This drama tells the story of several low-level people struggling in setbacks, working together in difficulties, finally finding the warmth of their home and becoming a "better self". There must be many fans and audiences who will like the play. So come on, you're the best. When will you update it? How many episodes do you update a week? This article brings you a TV series. Come on, you are the best update time and plot introduction. Let's have a look.

Come on, you are the best. When do you update? How many episodes do you update every week

The TV series "come on, your best" has two episodes a day two days before its launch. VIP members update at 24 o'clock every day and non members update at 24 o'clock the next day.

Come on, you are the best update time: two episodes every day from Sunday to Thursday, and one episode on Friday and Saturday.

Come on, are you the best

The TV series "come on, you are the best" is an urban idol drama starring Deng Lun and Ma Sichun. Although it is an idol drama, there are many inspirational parts. Fuzi played by Ma Sichun is still very cute, while Deng Lun is still very productive after the fire of Xiangmi. The response of the previous "true friend" was not very good. This drama gives people a lot of sense of sureness, It's actually very good to act safely without taking the flow route.

The recently popular "come on, you're the best", in fact, has been signed long before "sweet honey". If "sweet honey" makes Deng Lun explode, it's also Deng Lun's accumulated wealth. After accumulating a lot of plays, it's time to get angry. However, there is always an order of appearance in life. The appearance of "Xiangmi" is a great help to Deng Lun's career. However, the relationship between Deng Lun's family and Yang Zi's family has become unbearable because of "Xiangmi".

Now Deng Lun, who has become one of the most popular young students, is certainly very popular when the new play is broadcast. Unexpectedly, Deng Lun and Ma Sichun are quite anti ratings. The premiere broke 1. When the ratings of the two episodes of "little joy" played yesterday failed to break 1, the second episode of "come on, you're the best" that night lived up to expectations and broke 1. It's really the light of mango.

The ratings are very good and the reputation is not bad at all. There are only four episodes, and there are a lot of 'tap water'. This credit is inseparable from the sharp and grounded lines in the play. As a 'cheap' 360 line passing artist, Deng Lun spoke like a one-way crosstalk. For example, Hao Zeyu, who had just returned from the lion show in Hengdian, took a taxi back to the city. The taxi driver said he wanted $80. Hao Zeyu blurted out, 'will you ride me back and give me $80?'

Hao Zeyu, who was then abandoned by his agent, was watched by chihuofuzi. Ma Sichun is not just talking about adding 15 pounds to the play. It can be seen with the naked eye that Ma Sichun has a lucky face and the flesh is very cute. The key is to play with Deng Lun. The acting level is the same. You come and go, and the audience is very happy.

The line in the play is' you're not a makeup artist, you're an undertaker '' this beautiful dress is not as good as your number '' there are draft shows every year, but who still remembers the little boy on the stage last year '' shut up, you're my own, I dare not lick my face and say you're beautiful '' pregnant in October, not as much as you just vomited 'it's too realistic, too funny and too grounded.

Deng Lun and Ma Sichun represent young actors. They have the talent of comedians. Their lines are not awkward and funny. After reading the title of the play, I thought it was a garbage inspirational idol play. After opening it, I found that it was a chicken feather but hard-working, funny and sad life play? Comedy? Love drama? It has nothing to do with idol drama anyway.