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Is the Fire Hero adapted from a real event? What is the prototype of the Fire Hero event?

On the day of August 1st army day yesterday, the film "Fire Hero" was released. This film about ordinary and great fire fighters moved many viewers. Many viewers wonder if the fire hero is adapted from a real event? What is the prototype of Fire Hero's real event? This article has brought you a specific introduction. Let's have a look.

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The prototype of the Fire Hero real event is adapted from the long record report "the deepest water is tears", which tells about a huge oil port fire in a port city. It is reported that the fire is so intense that it eventually mobilized more than 200 fire engines, used more than 2000 firefighters, used up all the fire extinguishing agents and foam in the city, and finally transported more than 400 tons of foam from the next city, which took 15 hours to extinguish the fire.

What real event is the Fire Hero based on

Fire Hero according to the story of the film comes from 'Dalian 7 & middot; 16 fire 'real event adaptation. There are also some scenes in the film that restore the situation of the real event scene. There are also scenes of well cover explosion in the film. Just like the reality, the situation was so critical at that time.

According to the long record report "the deepest water is tears", in this fire, a 100000 ton crude oil storage tank leaked oil and burned in a large area due to the explosion of the oil pipeline. The most deadly thing is that the oil tanks in the port are densely distributed, and the distance between each tank is only one or two meters. The situation of "burning even the camp" may occur at any time. Once all the oil tanks burn or even explode, their power is comparable to 20 atomic bombs. But fortunately, after more than 2000 firefighters and 15 hours of life and death war, the fire was finally put out.

The film fire hero was rated as' the most tearful film in the summer this year ', and the box office exceeded 100 million on the first day of release on August 1. At present, the score of the film is 9.4, the score of cat's eye is 9.6, and it takes 12.6 to break 100 million at the box office.