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Implementation of new regulations in August list of national and local new regulations in August

Original title: these new regulations will be implemented from August after China's release! The meal expenses of the business trip personnel of the central unit shall be solved by themselves ​

The meal expenses of business travelers of central units will be settled by themselves, the pension and subsidy standards for some veterans and other special care objects will be further increased, and the individual tour sites of mainland residents in 47 cities to Taiwan will be suspended & hellip& hellip; In August, a number of new laws and regulations will affect our lives.

National new regulations

The meal expenses of the travel personnel of the central unit shall be solved by themselves

The general office of the Ministry of finance, the office of the State Administration and the office of the administration directly under the central government recently jointly issued the notice on regulating the collection and payment management of travel food expenses and urban transportation expenses, which will come into force on August 1, 2019.

The notice specifies that the central unit's business travelers receive food subsidies according to regulations during their business trips. Except for a working meal arranged by the reception unit according to regulations due to work needs, the meal expenses shall be solved by themselves. If business travelers need the assistance of the reception unit to arrange meals, they shall inform the control standard in advance and pay the food expenses to the food provider.

During the business trip, the business travelers shall receive the transportation expenses in the city according to the regulations. If the reception unit assists in providing transportation tools and has charging standards, the business travelers shall pay according to the standards, which shall not exceed the daily local transportation standards; If there is no charging standard, each person shall pay 50% of the daily transportation standard every half day.

Halve the time limit for handling tax service complaints

The State Administration of Taxation recently revised and promulgated the measures for the administration of tax service complaints, which will be implemented from August 1, 2019.

The new measures reduce the handling time limit of all kinds of complaints by 50%: the acceptance and review link is reduced from 2 working days to 1 working day, the handling time limit of complaints about service quality and efficiency and rights and interests protection is reduced from 20 working days to 10 working days, and the handling time limit of complaints about service words and deeds is reduced from 10 working days to 5 working days.

In addition, the revision takes the review of the superior tax authority as a relief channel. If the complainant believes that the complaint handling result is obviously unfair, he can apply to the superior tax authority for review.

Article 12 immigration and immigration facilitation policies

The Ministry of public security recently announced that the public security organs have launched 60 measures to serve economic and social development, the masses and enterprises, of which 12 immigration and entry-exit convenience policies to promote the construction of service free trade zones throughout the country will be implemented as the first measures from August 1.

The new policies include: expanding the scope of foreign talents applying for permanent residence, for foreign high-level talents, foreign Chinese with doctoral degree or working in key national development areas for a long time, foreign talents with significant and outstanding contributions and special needs of the state, and foreigners working in China for a long time who meet the wage annual income standard and tax standard, Provide convenience for applying for permanent residence in China.

At the same time, the scope of objects for issuing long-term visas and residence permits will be relaxed, including foreigners who come to China to do business, work and study; Broaden the scope of foreign talent introduction objects and improve the service and management level of foreigners& zwj;

47 cities mainland residents to visit Taiwan will be suspended

The Association for tourism exchanges across the Taiwan Strait announced that in view of the current cross-strait relations, it has decided to suspend the pilot individual tour to Taiwan by mainland residents in 47 cities from August 1, 2019.

The first batch were Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen; The second batch is Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Jinan and Xi'an; The third batch is Suzhou, Wuhan, Ningbo, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Changchun, Shijiazhuang, Changsha, Kunming, Nanning, Hefei and Quanzhou; The fourth batch is Harbin, Taiyuan, Nanchang, Guiyang, Dalian, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Zhongshan, Yantai and Zhangzhou. The fifth batch of 11 pilot cities, including Haikou, Hohhot, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Changzhou, Zhoushan, Huizhou, Weihai, Longyan, Guilin and Xuzhou.

The pension and subsidy standards for some ex servicemen and other special care recipients will be raised again

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a notice that from August 1, 2019, the disability pension standard for the disabled (disabled soldiers, disabled people's police, disabled state organ staff, disabled militia migrant workers), the regular pension standard for the 'three dependents' (martyrs' survivors, military dependents who died on duty, and military dependents who died of illness) and the' three Reds' The standard of living allowance (for retired Red Army veterans in rural areas, Red Army veterans in rural West Road army and separated Red Army personnel) will be increased by 10% on the current basis.

The standard of living allowance for demobilized veterans in rural areas is increased by 200 yuan per person per month on the basis of the current standard, and the standard of living allowance for elderly children of martyrs is increased from 440 yuan per person per month to 490 yuan per person. After the standard is raised, the pension standards for first-class disabled soldiers due to war, work and illness are 88150 yuan, 85370 yuan and 82570 yuan per person per year respectively.

At the same time, the standard of regular pensions for martyrs' families, survivors of servicemen who died on duty and survivors of servicemen who died of illness was raised to 27980 yuan, 24040 yuan and 22610 yuan per person per year respectively. The standard of living allowances for veterans of the Red Army who retired in the township, veterans of the Red Army in the Xiangxi road army and separated members of the Red Army was raised to 61130 yuan, 61130 yuan and 27580 yuan per person per year respectively.

Green buildings should be safe, healthy, convenient, economical and livable

The revised national standard "green building evaluation standard" issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will be implemented as of August 1, 2019. The original "green building evaluation standard" will be abolished at the same time.

The newly revised standard establishes a new green building development model of "people-oriented, emphasizing performance and improving quality"; the original seven index systems of "land saving, energy saving, water saving, material saving, indoor environment, construction management and operation management" are updated to five index systems of "safety and durability, health and comfort, convenient life, resource saving and livable environment".

In addition, it has been modified and improved in the aspects of resetting the evaluation stage, adding the grade of green building and the grade requirements of layered setting.

New requirements for electronic declaration of medical device registration

The State Food and Drug Administration issued the circular on the requirements for relevant data of electronic declaration of medical devices, which will be implemented as of August 1, 2019. The circular requires that only the supporting documents, declaration of conformity, instructions and labels in the declaration data of imported products shall be submitted to the notary issued by the notary office in the place where the applicant is located.

In addition, considering the electronic directory structure of the electronic declaration information system for medical device registration, the page numbers of the declaration documents under any level of title can be prepared separately. After the electronic declaration information system for medical device registration is enabled, the technical requirements in the electronic registration and declaration materials shall be made in one copy.

Local new regulations

Hainan: traffic control on foreign vehicles

From 0:00 on August 1, Hainan will impose traffic control on passenger cars driving on the roads in the administrative areas of the province that are not licensed by the province (including temporary license plates).

Passenger cars with non provincial license plates traveling on roads in Hainan Province must be registered through the Internet, telephone or window; the total number of days each vehicle passes each year is no more than 120 days, which can be handled for many times. For passenger cars with non provincial license plates that have been used in Hainan Province by institutions and enterprises registered in Hainan, the registration management of pass in the transition period shall be implemented, and the transition period shall end on December 31, 2020.

Shandong: Outpatient reimbursement for patients with 6 categories of severe mental disorders shall not be less than 70%

The notice on strengthening medical security for patients with severe mental disorders recently issued by Shandong makes it clear that from August 1, the outpatient reimbursement for patients with six categories of severe mental disorders in Shandong will not be less than 70%, and the starting standard of serious illness insurance for patients with severe mental disorders among poverty alleviation objects will be reduced from 6000 yuan to 5000 yuan.

Severe mental disorders include schizophrenia, schizophrenic affective disorder, paranoid psychosis, bipolar disorder, mental disorder caused by epilepsy, mental retardation with mental disorder, etc.

Guiyang: adjusting residents' medical insurance treatment standards

From 0:00 on August 1, Guiyang will adjust and unify the payment standards of basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents.

The annual maximum payment limit of the basic medical insurance co-ordination fund for urban and rural residents in Guiyang was raised to 250000 yuan. The proportion of the hospitalization co-ordination fund for basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents and the individual share of the insured was adjusted according to the hospital level as follows: the payment proportion of the co-ordination Fund for primary hospitals was 77%, the individual payment proportion was 23%; the payment proportion of the co-ordination fund for secondary hospitals was 75%, and the individual payment proportion was 23% The payment proportion is 25%; the overall fund payment proportion of tertiary hospitals is 60%, and the individual payment proportion is 40%.

At the same time, adjust and unify the "minimum compensation standard and subsection compensation proportion of serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents". The minimum compensation standard is adjusted to 7000 yuan, and subsection compensation is implemented in proportion. The compensation proportion is: 7000 yuan (excluding 7000 yuan) - 60000 yuan 60%, 60000 yuan - 90000 yuan 65%, and more than 90001 yuan 70%.

Wenzhou: implement the latest version of classification standard for urban domestic waste in Zhejiang Province

From August 1, Wenzhou will implement the latest classification standard of urban domestic waste issued by Zhejiang Province , domestic garbage is divided into four categories: recyclables, hazardous garbage, perishable garbage and other garbage. If a unit or individual Releases domestic garbage in violation of classification, the competent administrative department of city appearance and environmental sanitation shall order it to make corrections; if it refuses to make corrections, it shall impose a fine of not more than 200 yuan on the individual and not more than 500 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan on the unit.

The above standards also require that large waste, garden waste and decoration waste shall be classified separately, in which large waste shall be separately put into the designated point, or the recycling unit shall make an appointment through telephone and Internet for door-to-door recycling; garden waste shall be collected separately and put into the designated place, strip materials shall be bound into bundles, and fragment materials shall be packaged into bags; construction waste shall be recycled and toxic The two kinds of hazards are classified. Concrete, mortar, stone, brick and tile, ceramics and other bags are put at the designated place, metal, wood, plastic, glass and other bundled or bagged recyclable containers are put, and harmful wastes such as paint and paint are put at the designated place.