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Do you need to apply for paternity testing? Procedures and procedures required for paternity testing

Occasionally in life, someone needs to do paternity testing, such as suspecting that the child reported an error or finding the lost child many years later. Do you need to apply for paternity testing? What procedures are needed for paternity testing? This article brings you the procedures required for paternity testing for your reference.

paternity test refers to the use of theories and technologies of biology, genetics and related disciplines to judge whether the accused parents and children are related or not according to the genetic law of genetic traits between offspring and parents.

The cases involved include: Disputes over the upbringing of children born out of wedlock, disputes over property inheritance, the identification of biological children caused by the wrong transfer of newborns in the hospital delivery room, and the claim of abducted and separated children.

Do you need to apply for paternity testing

Do you need to apply for paternity testing? There is no legal procedure for paternity testing. Both parties can negotiate whether to pass judicial appraisal or personal appraisal. Generally, in order to confirm the child's identity, husband and wife can agree to do personal paternity appraisal without any legal conditions. They can go directly to the hospital for paternity appraisal. If it involves inheritance and other issues, judicial expertise can be done to confirm the relationship between the successor and the decedent.

What procedures are needed for paternity testing

What procedures are needed for paternity testing? Please see the following instructions:

(1) The physical evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security, the forensic identification center of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing blood center and other units usually accept the entrustment of public security and law, notary office, law firm and other departments to do paternity testing. Private paternity testing should go through the entrustment formalities with the local judicial department.

(2) The party concerned must provide the original of ID card (passport), birth certificate, marriage certificate and other valid certificates. After the staff of the appraisal unit checks and verifies the identity, it shall be copied and archived, and the original shall be returned to the party concerned immediately.

(3) The party concerned shall fill in the 'application form for paternity test' in person, including the basic information of the party concerned, the reason for application, etc. If the child is young and has no writing ability, it can be filled in by his parents, and then confirmed by the child according to his fingerprint.

(4) The parent-child identification unit shall take photos of the parties for archiving, and the group photos will be used for the parent-child identification report.

(5) Collect the blood sample of each party, and collect 2-3ml of blood per person; After blood collection is completed, the party whose blood is collected shall sign and be confirmed by the party according to his fingerprint; The party concerned shall pay the paternity test fee.