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What is the cause of sudden huge wave accident in water park? 44 injuries caused by huge waves or eq

at 14:40 on July 29, tourists were injured while surfing in the tsunami pool of Yulong Shuiyun water park in Longjing City, resulting in 44 injuries, including 37 minor injuries. They were discharged after medical treatment. As of 11:00 on July 31, yanbian hospital had kept 2 people in hospital for observation (2 were rib fractures), and Yanbian Second People's hospital had hospitalized 5 people (1 foot fracture, 2 contusion and 2 skin trauma). No one died in the incident.

After the incident, the leaders of Longjing municipal Party committee and government attached great importance to it, rushed to the scene at the first time, fully guided the treatment, on-site investigation, traffic dredging and other work, timely sent the injured to the hospital for treatment, and did a good job in appeasing the emotions of the injured and their families. Tang Zhensheng, member of the Standing Committee of Longjing municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, visited the injured in the hospital. Longjing emergency, public security, municipal supervision, culture, broadcasting and tourism departments immediately formed a joint investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

According to the preliminary investigation, the event was caused by the damage of the intermediate relay of the control electronic equipment of the distribution cabinet in the tsunami machine room, resulting in excessive water waves in the tsunami pool and personal injuries. The contents on the Internet such as' the drunken old man drives the wrong gear 'and' the hospital is full of injured people 'are not true.

At present, the relevant departments of Longjing City have ordered the enterprise to suspend business for rectification of the entertainment facilities of the tsunami pool, and the incident is still under further investigation and handling.