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Review of Zhao Zhihong's refusal to see relatives

Original title: Zhao Zhihong was executed and refused to see her relatives. Her father: I don't care about him

Review of Zhao Zhihong's refusal to see relatives

On the morning of July 30, the Hohhot intermediate people's court executed the criminal Zhao Zhihong in accordance with the death penalty order issued by the president of the Supreme Court.

Before his execution, Zhao Zhihong refused to meet his close relatives.

At noon that day, Xiaoxiang Morning Post contacted Zhao Zhihong's father Zhao Guoxi. He said he was at home and didn't know that his son was executed today. He hasn't been in touch with his son in recent years.

Four years ago, Zhao Guoxi told the Beijing news that he would not hire a lawyer for Zhao Zhihong, 'I don't care about him.'

It is said that during the detention in the detention center, Zhao Zhihong wrote a letter to her family, with an apology on the whole page. Zhao Guoxi tore it up after reading it, 'who wants him to apologize? Is it useful to apologize? "

The Supreme Court confirmed through review that between September 1996 and July 2005, the defendant Zhao Zhihong committed 17 consecutive crimes of intentional homicide, rape, robbery and theft in Hohhot City and Ulanqab city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, killing 6 people, forcibly raping 2 young girls and 10 women, and robbery and theft for many times. The nature of the crime is particularly bad and the means are cruel, Social harm is great, and the consequences and crimes are extremely serious.

Zhao Zhihong is also a recidivist and should be severely punished according to law.

Although Zhao Zhihong can truthfully confess her crime, according to the facts, nature, circumstances and harm to society, it is not enough to give a lighter punishment according to law.

Recently, the Supreme Court issued a ruling approving the higher people's Court of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to uphold the sentence of death of the defendant Zhao Zhihong for intentional homicide and deprive him of political rights for life; Sentenced to death for rape and deprived of political rights for life; Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 15 years and a fine of 50000 yuan for robbery; He was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for one year and fined 3000 yuan for theft. He decided to execute the death penalty, deprive him of political rights for life and fined 53000 yuan.