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The wax statue of Wang Jiaer was unveiled to be the most like over the years! Netizen: This is copy

Sihai: as like as two peas, Wang Jiaer, a 29 day entertainer, was at Madame Tussaud's in Hongkong. He was also very moved when he was brought up in Hongkong. He was also praised by netizens for the most like years. He even felt like he could not help but admire Jackson.

Wang Jiaer attended the as like as two peas at the ceremony, especially wearing the same clothes as the wax figure. The hairstyle also required the most similar hairstyles. Especially the one that was surrounded by the wax figure. All the people and friends of the hall were scared alike. He was also very moved. He also said that when he was a child, he came to Madame Tussaud's with his parents. Now his wax figure has come into the 29 place. It feels like a dream.

In the behind the scenes film, Wang Jiaer also specially explained the meaning of the gesture of the wax figure ratio: This is the gesture of team Wang. Team Wang is a company I founded, not just a company name. It records any spirit, attitude and enthusiasm about Jackson. From the as like as two peas, he was excited to see the finished product and then excitedly reached the side of his mouth to kiss him. He looked like me. I looked like this. He had done all the details well, even the small dots were the same.