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Abandoned babies were found in the trash can, and Ningbo citizens offered their love one after anoth early this morning, someone found an abandoned baby in a trash can in wujiabu, Chunhu lake, Fenghua, Ningbo!

Ningbo evening news reporter then rushed to the scene and learned from the interview that at about 5 o'clock this morning, when Ms. Zhu, a villager in wujiabu, went out for exercise, she heard the cry of a child when passing by the garbage can, sometimes not.

She looked around and found a white snake skin bag in the trash can.

When I opened it, there was a newborn baby with head inward and feet outward. The placenta was packed in nylon bags with blood.

Ms. Zhu called, and the surrounding villagers gathered around. A village civilian wrapped the baby with a towel, some called 110 and some called 120 ambulance.

Before long, the ambulance from Chunhu health center arrived and picked up the baby.

Subsequently, the child was sent to Fenghua District People's hospital.

The reporter learned from the hospital that the abandoned baby is a baby girl, weighing 3.2kg.

When he was just sent to the hospital, the umbilical cord with blood had not been cut. According to doctors' speculation, the newborn had not been born for 24 hours.

Due to the hot weather, she was abandoned in the garbage can. When she was first sent to the hospital, her lungs were seriously infected and she had respiratory arrest several times during the period. The situation was quite unstable.

At present, after the full treatment of medical staff, the child's vital signs have returned to normal.

The villagers saw a man walking by with a snake skin bag

In some small shops in wujiabu village, the reporter saw that many cool and leisure villagers are still talking about this matter. Although it has been a long time, many villagers still can't hide their anger at the abandonment.

During the interview, a master who operated a breakfast shop near the happy kindergarten in wujiabu village told reporters that when he opened the door at about 4 a.m., he vaguely saw two men walking through the door with snake skin bags.

At that time, he didn't think much. When he saw the same snake skin bag as the abandoned baby, he connected the two things.

At noon today, the reporter saw at the scene of the incident that there were more than 100 meters of suspected blood next to the trash can.

According to Wu Xuejuan, village women's director, wujiabu village is a populous village with a large migrant population.

After the incident, the village is stepping up investigation and education and guidance to the villagers, so as to find valuable clues as soon as possible and avoid similar incidents from happening again.

Ningbo citizens love surging

As soon as it happened, the circle of friends of Ningbo people immediately fried the pot, and everyone condemned this behavior one after another.

Many enthusiastic citizens want to donate daily necessities such as clothes, diapers and milk powder for their children.

The hospital said: Thank you very much for your love, but in the hospital, there are fixed requirements for clothes and milk powder, so there is no need for assistance at present.

Many enthusiastic citizens expressed their willingness to adopt the baby girl.