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Millions of sapphires are cleaned up as garbage. Shanghai's "most expensive garbage" is classified a

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ original title: millions of sapphires stolen? The woman lost the gem carelessly and was turned into dry garbage by the environmental sanitation division

Have you seen the dry garbage worth more than 1 million yuan? It turned out that the lost sapphire was classified by the sanitation workers.

"I'm so confused. I really thank you." Ms. Wang, a citizen of Shanghai, said excitedly holding the police's hand. At 4 p.m. on July 19, after one hour of careful investigation and search by the police of Gonghexin Road police station of Shanghai Jing'an public security branch, Ms. Wang finally recovered one million precious gemstones that had been 'stolen'.

The lost and recovered sapphire. All the pictures in this article are from Jing'an police

At 3 p.m. on July 19, Gonghexin Road police station received an alarm from Ms. Wang, saying that a batch of gemstones worth more than 1 million were stolen for publicity. The police rushed to the scene at the first time. According to the alarm person, in order to cooperate with a jewelry exhibition and publicity that afternoon, he took a view shooting in the open air with diamonds worth millions, but it happened unexpectedly when the shooting work was completed Now a batch of sapphires worth more than 1 million have disappeared.

Ms. Wang followed the previous route all the way, but she never found any trace of gemstones. Reminded by the people around her, Ms. Wang recalled that she had left the backpack for gemstones for a short time during the shooting, so she boldly suspected that the gemstones had been stolen. Helpless, Ms. Wang had to choose to ask the police for help.

After learning the details, the police Li Weijie immediately comforted Ms. Wang not to worry, and investigated the situation of the 'stolen' gem. Li Weijie reviewed the whole process monitoring according to the activity track of Ms. Wang that day, but never found that the gem was stolen. Just when Ms. Wang was about to collapse, Li Weijie unexpectedly found that Ms. Wang had been alone during the shooting that day People sat on the steps to clear away the precious stones they had with them. But just after counting and leaving, a transparent plastic bag slipped from their backpack.

Li Weijie conducted an investigation based on this situation and found that shortly after Ms. Wang got up and left, an environmental sanitation worker passed by and mistakenly cleaned up the plastic bag containing millions of precious stones as dry garbage.

Sanitation workers classify garbage.

After tracking all the way along the line, the police and sanitation workers worked together and finally found Ms. Wang's lost gem in the garbage can.

In the face of the lost precious stones, Ms. Wang was relieved. The police warned that valuables must be kept properly and not careless, resulting in serious economic losses.