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Is it necessary for high-speed toll collectors to smile 500 times a day to be included in the perfor

Some time ago, Ningbo toll collectors became popular because of fake laughter. Hangzhou Xiaoshan District toll station administrators also said that they have also implemented smile service for nearly 10 years, and have been included in the performance appraisal of toll collectors. Toll station staff, whether boys or girls, should keep smiling, 500 times a day. Generally, their faces will freeze at the end of the day.

Therefore, their work is really not easy. When we meet staff who don't like smiling, we should also understand them. After all, it's really difficult to keep smiling in the face of all kinds of people and endless business. In the face of smiling staff, we should respect and understand them. Some people say they can quit their work and there is no need to win any sympathy. We often work in some departments. Their attitude is not very friendly, and their superior service attitude is very unfriendly. Some people also said that as long as the work efficiency is good, there is no need to fake a professional smile.

Even the highway toll collectors in Xiaoshan say they smile from the bottom of their hearts. But the fact is that it's hard to keep smiling with your heart by laughing countless times a day. More for their own work and performance. Some people think they are following formalism, but formalism is OK as long as someone likes it. If you have a bad attitude, you are likely to be complained. The gains outweigh the losses. You might as well keep smiling. Even if work efficiency is slower sometimes, a beautiful smile may be understood and forgiven by others. Highway toll collectors, it's not easy for boys to laugh than girls, because some boys look average and want to keep smiling. They are generally ridiculed by drivers. Now many highway toll stations have changed etc, so the smiles of these highway toll collectors may soon become history. In the eyes of some people, they are laughing, not from the heart.

Other industries can also learn from the service attitude of highway toll collectors. They often keep smiling, and it is difficult for some departments to get their good working attitude. And if they can achieve such a working attitude, we also want it. Boys not only laugh less easily than girls, but also cry less easily than girls. Moreover, many jobs are relatively suitable for girls or only boys. Each occupation has its own advantages. Boys are more suitable for architecture. They need more strength and pay more. Girls are more suitable to be sister-in-law and nanny. The reason is that many customers and families choose girls because they are careful and have a sense of security.