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"Blade Runner" actor Hal died! The last words play is a classic in film history

Original title: the last words of "Blade Runner" actor Hal is a classic in film history

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Sina entertainment news on July 25, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the impressive actor Rutger & middot in blade runner; Hal died at the age of 75.

That year, Roy, a very cool villain played by Hal, contributed the classic last words of film history 'tears in the rain'. Now, the agent said that after a brief illness, he died at his home in the Netherlands on July 19. The funeral was held on Wednesday (Roy and Hal died in 2019). Hal is a prolific actor. He has also starred in the legend of the eagle and wolf, the Iron Eagle warrior, the cold-blooded soldier, the hitchhiker and so on.

Hal's famous line in Blade Runner: 'I've seen what you won't believe: warships burning along Orion, and c-rays shining in the darkness at Don Hauser's gate. These moments will pass with time, like tears in the rain. It's time & hellip& hellip; Dead. "