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How is it that the old man is forced to get married? Is it voluntary or forced for nursing homes to

'is this a nursing home or a marriage agency?' Grandma Wang, 77, has been widowed for many years in Cangzhou, Hebei Province. She has no relatives around her. Because her health is getting worse and worse, the sub district office sent her to the nursing home. However, seven months after she arrived at the nursing home, Grandma Wang said she was angry because she didn't enjoy her happiness. What's going on?

Grandma Wang said she didn't want to find someone at all and told the people in the nursing home, but they didn't listen to this and kept forcing her to find someone.

In addition to forcing her to go on a blind date, Grandma Wang also encountered several bad things. Grandma Wang said that her allowance for orphans and widows was gone. Before she came to the nursing home, she received it every month, more than 800 a month, and she never received it again after she came to the nursing home. In addition, not only was the money withheld, but Grandma Wang also said that she couldn't eat or wear. Everyone else had clothes. She didn't give clothes, quilts or eggs.

For these problems reflected by Grandma Wang, let's see what the dean said.

1. Where is Grandma Wang's five guarantee subsidy?

President Wang said that the food, accommodation and medical treatment of the elderly in the nursing home are free, because the subsidies of the elderly are handed over to the nursing home, and their living expenses come from their five guarantee subsidies. But for the elderly, Dean Qian Wang said that he also asked the street last time, and they said no. In order to have a clear answer, the reporter called the sub district office, and the staff said that there was no subsidy for the orphaned and widowed elderly.

2. Why didn't Grandma Wang distribute her clothes and quilts?

President Wang said that all the things the old people received were recorded here. Grandma Wang's clothes had been led, and the quilt was indeed not sent to her, because the old man brought several quilts when he came. If he sent them to her and piled them in the room, the room would be full. Therefore, the old man covered his quilt first, and when his quilt was rotten, the hospital would send new ones to her.

3. Why do you take Grandma Wang's eggs?

Withholding eggs is actually a punishment. For some old people who quarrel and swear, they will stop eggs for a week. Grandma Wang immediately said that she didn't know there would be punishment before swearing.

4. Grandma Wang was forced to fall in love with the sunset

President Wang couldn't laugh or cry about this problem. He said that Grandma Wang liked others every time.

Later, I found several old people who had fallen in love with Grandma Wang. The other party made it clear that Grandma Wang found them by herself, but she immediately divided them because of her.

Here, everyone can understand. All these are misunderstandings. Fortunately, now all misunderstandings have been solved. Like children, the elderly should be patient and coax. If they encounter problems, they should communicate and explain to her. Naturally, there will be no problems. I also wish Grandma Wang a happy life in the nursing home.