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Who played Baguio in the movie version of Zhu Xian? Meng Meiqi profile introduction

The film version of Zhu Xian is about to meet with the audience. This film adapted from the novel of the same name is also deeply expected by the audience. Before that, the Baguio in the TV drama version was played by Zhao Liying. Do you know who the Baguio in the film version of Zhu Xian is? Now let's learn about it

Who played Baguio in Zhuxian movie:

The immortal killing movie Baguio is played by rocket girl 101 Meng Meiqi. Meng Meiqi's still photos of Baguio have also been exposed recently, but many people say they can't see it as Baguio, but Meng Meiqi is really beautiful and has a good shape.

However, the setting of Baguio is the daughter of the ghost king. The stills of Meng Meiqi Baguio are not evil enough. The aura is really enough, and there are scenes in the eyes.

Look forward to Meng Meiqi's version of Baguio after the film is released.

Profile information of Meng Meiqi, the heroine of Zhuxian film:

The heroine of Zhuxian film is Lu Xueqi.

The film is based on the novel. In the novel, Baguio and Lu Xueqi are female owners, but Baguio died in order to block the immortal sword array for the male owner.

Later, Lu Xueqi always accompanied the male Lord and found a way to revive Baguio with the male Lord, but it didn't succeed. Finally, Lu Xueqi and Zhang Xiaofan were together.

Chinese name -- Meng Meiqi

Foreign name --맹&# 48120;&# 44592;、 Meng Mei Qi、미&# 44592;

Alias -- brother Shanzhi, maomaoqiu, Qiqi

Nationality - People's Republic of China

Nationality -- Han nationality

Constellation - Libra

Blood group - type B

Height -- 164.5cm

Birthplace: Luoyang, Henan

Date of birth - October 15, 1998

Occupation - singer, actor

Brokerage companies -- Hainan Zhoutian Entertainment Co., Ltd., Lehua entertainment and starship Entertainment

Representative works -- stubborn, seed, calories, creation 101, catch me, it's a secret, mo

Fan name -- Shanzhi Brigade