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Liars cheat in the name of director Li Yu! Li Yu and Xu Weizhou studios jointly crack down on counte

Original title: falsely using director Li Yuming's righteous deeds to deceive Xu Weizhou's agents to send documents to crack down on counterfeiting

On July 21, Xu Weizhou's agent exposed through his microblog that he had recently encountered a liar posing as director Li Yu, and revealed that Li Yu had not made a new film recently, saying that the liar was too retarded. From the screenshot of the exposed information, the other party claims that the new play will start in November. Now he just wants to contact whether the actors meet the other party's requirements. Later, director Li Yu forwarded this microblog, saying that this deceptive trick was stupid and stupid, and thanked Xu Weizhou's agent.

On the evening of July 21, Xu Weizhou's agent exposed the information sent to him by the swindler in the name of director Li Yu through his microblog, and said: 'there are all kinds of strange things in the world. A swindler came out to pretend to be director Li Yu and director Li Yu's studio, saying that he was looking for an actor for a new project & hellip& hellip; This pig is also mentally retarded. The primary selection of actors has always been the work of deputy directors, and he is not afraid of cheating and suspected of crime & hellip& hellip; By the way, my friends, Li Yu's new film is still in the final stage of production, and the next project is still in the script creation stage & hellip& hellip; How can this low-level deception succeed? " From the information with the other party, the other party said that the new play would start around November. When Xu Weizhou's agent wanted to see the project introduction, the other party tactfully and skillfully avoided the topic, so that people can see the flaws at a glance. Director Li Yu also sent a message to tell Xu Weizhou's agent that the other party is a liar. Don't be deceived.

Later, director Li Yu forwarded this microblog and 'on-site' anti-counterfeiting, writing: 'the key is whether there are worse acts. This deceptive trick is stupid and stupid. Thank Xu Weizhou's agent and my friend Si Lu. I have a question: what do you think she can cheat? " Xu Weizhou's agent later left a message and replied: "what they want to cheat is children outside the circle who don't know the rules at all. They just use their chat records with well-known actors and directors to improve their background and forge project information. Finally, what they really want to cheat is tens of thousands of yuan per person & lsquo; Training fee & rsquo