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How about washing milk powder with pure water? What's the harm of baby drinking pure water for a lon

How about pure water for milk powder? Many mothers think that pure water is free of impurities and pollution, which is good for children's growth, but what's the truth? In order to ensure the baby's' safety and health ', Zhang's mother in Wuhan has been using mineral water to make milk powder for her baby. One day, she found that her 1-year-old child suddenly had hematuria. Go to the hospital to check, was told and often give the baby to drink mineral water.

In this regard, experts pointed out that mineral water can not be drunk for a long time, especially for infants and young children. 'the element content of mineral water is basically designed according to adult standards, and its content and proportion are not suitable for infants. If infants drink a large amount of mineral water for a long time, it will increase the renal burden. The baby's kidney has not been fully developed. If it is serious, it will cause hematuria and increase the risk of kidney stones. What's more, some elements in mineral water can also be harmful to babies. '

Experts also said that if you use mineral water to wash milk powder for 2-3 months, it will not affect your baby's health too much, but long-term feeding like this may cause indigestion, anorexia and constipation, and it will also hinder the absorption of milk nutrition. In addition, the baby drinking high sodium mineral water, brain development will also be affected.

In addition to mineral water, pure water commonly used in families is not suitable for milk powder. Experts pointed out that purified water is also called "poor water". It not only has no trace elements, but also takes away some beneficial minerals and trace elements from the body when it is discharged from the body. Therefore, drinking purified water for a long time will reduce the intake of these beneficial elements, such as fluorine. The fluoride in tap water can reduce the caries rate of infants. According to the survey, more than half of the fluoride intake of infants in China comes from tap water.

Experts remind that whether it's to make milk powder for the baby or drink it directly, it's best to use ordinary tap water, boil it and cool it. Babies who often drink mineral water or pure water should stop using it immediately. If they have hematuria symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination.