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What if there are too many mosquitoes in the house? We must pay attention to these places

In the annual hot summer, the annoying mosquitoes are coming again. They come and go without a trace, leaving only a red envelope. It's really depressing! So if there are too many mosquitoes in the room, it will greatly affect life and work. What should we do? Let's have a look

Carefully check the doors and windows for cracks. Generally, mosquitoes fly in from the gap between doors and windows to bite people. Therefore, if there are many mosquitoes in the house suddenly, be sure to carefully check whether there are cracks in all doors and windows in the house. Filling the gap completely can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

There should be no water in the room. Some friends like to put a large water tank in their home. They usually fill the tank with water, or raise pets such as fish or little turtles in the tank, but these water sources are very easy to breed mosquitoes. Therefore, try not to have ponding indoors.

Clean the room thoroughly without leaving a dead corner. Some friends' rooms are getting bigger and bigger. Although they look comfortable, it is very difficult to clean them. Therefore, the house is full of dust and dead corners, which is easy to produce mosquitoes. Therefore, we must thoroughly clean the room every day without leaving a dead corner.

Close the window at night, sleep, turn off the light and then turn it on. Because people like ventilation, they open the windows 24 hours a day. Although the wind comes in, they also open the windows at night. Mosquitoes will get into the room because of the attraction of indoor lights. Therefore, in the evening, you should close the window, sleep, turn off the light and then turn it on.

Put mosquito repellent incense at the door. The door is where people go in and out, so it has to be opened many times a day. Mosquitoes like to stay at the door. When you open the door, they drill into the house and bite people. Therefore, you can light a plate of mosquito repellent incense at the door to drive away mosquitoes.

Prevent mosquitoes indoors in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. In summer, no matter how to prevent mosquitoes, there will always be a few mosquitoes at home. At this time, it's best not to light mosquito repellent incense indoors, because I'm afraid that children's smelling too much will affect their health. Indoors, we should use healthy and environmental protection methods to prevent mosquitoes, such as putting up mosquito nets on the bed, so that we can have a safe sleep at night.