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What is the specific content of didi Shunfeng rectification plan? There is no specific launch schedu

On the 18th, Didi free ride held its first media open day after 325 days offline, saying that didi free ride still had no specific time to go online and was still undergoing safety rectification, but announced the phased plan during the rectification period.

Free ride rectification safety process. Source: Didi

Guarantee 'real down the road'

The scheme shows that the essence of the free ride is to travel together. In order to resist illegal operation, Didi free ride will specify the number of orders received by the owner according to the guidance on passenger car sharing around the country, remove the nearby order receiving function and limit the common order receiving area.

In addition, all sensitive information related to user privacy, such as personalized avatars, gender and long text evaluation labels, will be permanently offline to avoid giving criminals the opportunity to pick orders. In the future, the free ride page will only display the necessary information related to travel, and the evaluation label is only related to travel, such as' punctuality, politeness', etc.

Strengthen user information screening capacity

According to the rectification plan, based on the previous real name authentication of all users, the free ride took the lead in launching the authentication scheme of dynamically collecting identity data in the form of video to prevent black production users from registering with false certificates. At the same time, the frequency of face recognition is increased in many links such as user registration, issuing orders, receiving orders and getting on the bus.

In addition, Didi hitchhiker also puts forward the function of information verification card. Both drivers and passengers can conduct secondary confirmation before boarding according to the avatar provided by the verification card (provided before reaching the boarding point), vehicle model, number of passengers and other information. If people and vehicles are found to be inconsistent, users can report directly.

Didi announced the free ride rectification measures. Photographed by Wu Tao of China News Network

Two way confirmation to prevent picking

The scheme shows that in the order receiving link, the platform sets up the "anti pick order mode" of the driver passenger two-way confirmation mechanism, that is, after the driver passenger releases the itinerary and on-the-way matching, the owner can issue a joint invitation to the passengers on the way, and the passengers will receive multiple invitations and select and confirm according to the owner's trust value and the number of trips on the way, and the trip can be made only after confirmation.

Provide accident insurance of up to RMB 1.2 million

Like online car hailing, the free ride synchronously iterates the functions of platform 110 alarm, travel sharing, emergency contact, route offset reminder, travel recording and so on. In terms of security, Didi free ride will provide users with accident insurance for drivers and passengers with a maximum insurance amount of 1.2 million / person for each trip, so as to provide security for users' travel.

Launch women's exclusive protection

It is worth noting that the program launched women's exclusive protection. Through the female safety assistant of didi hitchhiker, female passengers and female car owners can see a series of information of the co passengers: such as the driving age and car age of the current order receiving owner, the specific time of face recognition, etc.

In special scenarios such as long-distance travel, the platform will also require co passengers to recognize faces for many times, remind female users to start trip sharing, and automatically record the trip. In case of abnormal conditions such as track offset and long-term stay, the user will be warned and asked whether the user's feedback is safe.