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The handwritten notice of Shaanxi Normal University adheres to 13 years, with extraordinary value an

The old professor concentrated on writing the admission notice

Original title: Shaanxi teachers' senior professor's letter of acceptance in calligraphy for 13 consecutive years

On July 16, the handwritten admission notice ceremony of Shaanxi Normal University kicked off again, which has been the 13th year since Shaanxi Normal University adhered to the handwritten admission notice.

At 3 p.m. that day, the multi-functional hall on the second floor of qixiayuan, Shaanxi Normal University was filled with books. More than ten old professors will write admission notices for more than 4500 freshmen in about a week. The oldest of these old professors is 86 years old.

"For more than ten years, the school has insisted on organizing the admission notice in calligraphy, aiming to pay attention to the awareness and fine tradition of Chinese character writing and pass on the old professor's ardent hope that every college student should pay attention to Chinese character writing to the students at the first time. The handwritten notice with a brush is the first course for undergraduate freshmen. It is not only a traditional culture course, but also a college spirit education course. This is Shaanxi Normal University & lsquo; Hold the road without bending, hold the book from the male & rsquo; Study style and & lsquo; Honest and elegant, unity of knowledge and Practice & rsquo; The process of inheriting the school spirit is also a process of guiding students to combine their personal future with the cause of national development. " Party Huaixing, vice president of Shaanxi Normal University, said.

At the ceremony, Fu Lina, a student from long county, Shaanxi Province, as a representative of freshmen, received the first admission notice written by the old professor. " It is very valuable and meaningful to inherit ink and the traditional culture of our Chinese nation. This admission notice contains too many things. " Vorina said excitedly.