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How can eye edema be eliminated quickly? Quick detumescence tips

I can't sleep well at night and get up early. My eyes are seriously swollen, just like being beaten! I believe many people have had this experience, so what good way can quickly reduce swelling? Let's have a look

Method 1: alternate cold and heat to eliminate edema

Distribute the time of applying face with hot towel and cold towel according to the ratio of 1:2. Apply face with hot towel followed by cold towel. Repeat this three times for 15 minutes, which can play a role in promoting vascular activity and accelerating blood circulation. The excess water on the whole face, including the eye skin, can also be quickly excreted.

Method 2: apply an ice bag to your eyes

When there is clean ice in the refrigerator at home, you can take out a small amount of ice and put it into a clean gauze bag. After closing your eyes, gently apply the ice bag on your eyes. It can not only stimulate periocular vascular activity and eliminate edema. Under the stimulation of cold, it can also instantly refresh your mind and turn on full vitality.

Method 3: apply tea bag

The tannic acid contained in tea is a good sword collector. Putting overnight tea in a gauze bag, gently applying it to the skin of the eyes, and gently massaging with the finger abdomen can also eliminate edema. If there is no overnight tea, make a cup of chrysanthemum tea in the morning, pour out a small amount of chrysanthemum tea and put it in a small container, and then dip it around the eyes with a cotton swab, which can also eliminate the edema of the eyes.

Method 4: apply eye cream

During morning skin care, apply some thinner eye gel containing caffeine on the skin around the eyes. And massage the skin around the eyes for a few minutes, which can also eliminate eye edema.

Method 5: salt gauze

Add a teaspoon of salt to 500cc and 40 ℃ warm water. After the salt is fully dissolved, soak the gauze in the salt water to absorb the salt water. Then fold the gauze pair into an appropriate size, close your eyes and apply it on the eye skin. Using the principle of high osmotic pressure, drain the water from low to high, which can discharge the water from the eye skin, so as to eliminate edema.

Method 6: change eating habits

Daily meals should not eat too many flavors of food. Excessive salt intake in the body can easily lead to retention of periocular fluid. In addition, pay special attention not to drink a lot of water before going to bed, which will easily trigger eye edema.