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How did Wen Ning become a ghost general in the petition? What does Wen Ning have to do with Wei Wuxi

Recently, the popular TV series "petition order" has attracted a large wave of original fans as soon as it was broadcast, but some new viewers don't quite understand how Wen Ning changed from a cowardly man to a ghost general? Let's have a look

Why did Wen Ning become a ghost general

When the Wen family was defeated, Wen Qing surrendered with Wen Ning, and Wen Ning was beaten to death by the supervisor. In order to keep Wen Ning alive, Wen Qing asked Wei Wuxian to rescue Wen Ning. Later, Wei Wuxian turned Wen Ning into a living corpse, so he became the 'ghost general' in people's mouth.

Wen Ning is the son of the Wen family. At first, the Wen family offended many people in order to dominate the first place. Until the Wen family was defeated, many enemies of the Wen family came to the door. Wei Wuxian did not hesitate to fight against everyone in order to protect Wen Qing and Wen Ning, but Wen Qing didn't want to involve Wei Wuxian, so Wei Wuxian fainted and surrendered with Wen Ning down the mountain.

Although Wen Ning and Wen Qing are members of the Wen family, they are very kind-hearted and never hurt others. Unfortunately, because the Wen family was implicated, Wen Ning was killed alive by the supervisor in order to protect his people. Fortunately, Wei Wuxian has cultivated into a ghost and figured out a way to refine Wen Ning into a living corpse, which makes Wen Ning live in the world again.

At first, Wen Ning was a handsome and young 'little fresh meat', with a timid character and even often shy. However, since Wen Ning became a 'ghost general', his explosive power has become strong, his combat effectiveness has burst, and he is extremely cruel. Wen Ning has been guarding Wei Wuxian. Every time Wei Wuxian is in danger, he calls Wen Ning, which shows Wen Ning's strength.

What is the relationship between Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian

In the master of magic, Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian are good friends, and in the original work, Wen Ning may have the idea of admiring Wei Wuxian.

I once studied in Suzhou lanshiyun for three months and got to know LAN Qiji.

The Wen family in Qishan oppressed the families, secretly harmed the leader of the Nie family and burned Lan's cloud, and forced the disciples of all aristocratic families to go to Qishan for enlightenment.

In the Xuanwu cave, Wei Wuxian kidnapped Wen Chao to save LAN Qiji and jinzixuan, and wounded Wang Lingjiao, Wen Chao Chong's maid, in order to save Luo Qingyang (Mianmian). They were trapped in the cave with LAN Qiji, killed monsters and slaughtered Xuanwu.

Wen used this as an excuse to find Jiang. After Jiang's family was killed, Wei Wuxian fled with Jiang Cheng and was entrusted by Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan to look after Jiang Cheng.

During the escape, Jiang Cheng leads away the Wen family friar who is about to find Wei Wuxian and is caught. The golden elixir was melted away by the temperature and the whip was given. Wei Wuxian asks Wen Ning to rescue Jiang Cheng. With the help of warmth and Wen Ning, he conceals Jiang Cheng and cuts out his golden elixir and gives it to Jiang Cheng.

After cutting the pill, Wei Wuxian lost all his spiritual power. He was caught by Wen Chao and others, wounded and thrown into the random burial post. He practiced the ghost path at the random burial post, and his mind was damaged. After March, Wei Wuxian returned from the random burial post and controlled the ghost with a ghost flute. During the sun shooting expedition, he led the corpses to avenge Wen.

After the sign of shooting the sun, Wen Ning was arrested innocently. Wenqing turns to Wei Wuxian for help. When Wei Wuxian arrives at the poor and strange road, Wen Ning has been tortured and killed the murderer in a rage, and retreats to Yiling with the remnants of Wenning. It was criticized by the Xianmen hundred headed by the Jin family. Jiang Cheng broke with Wei Wuxian on the surface and claimed that Wei Wuxian defected from the Jiang family.

Wei Wuxian refined the dead Wenning into a fierce corpse with spirit and memory. He had extraordinary combat power and was frightened by Xianmen. He called it the 'ghost general'. Wei Wuxian was named 'ancestor of Yiling', which was slandered and infamous.