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Cambodian net red boy to study in China! Netizen: he deserves better education

Original title: Cambodian online boy studying in China, can speak more than ten languages: like China, want to test Peking University

Remember the Cambodian boy Shali who sells tourist souvenirs in many languages and is popular on the Internet? One belt, one road, China's public welfare project, visited his parents' school in January. He was fascinated by the beautiful school buildings and atmosphere of reading. In May, he came to China to study as he wished. He cherishes every class. He said that his next goal is to enter Peking University.

A Cambodian Internet star who can speak more than ten languages has set his sights on Chinese universities, the Hong Kong English version of the South China Morning Post reported on June 23. The 15-year-old boy is taking a full-time course at Hailiang foreign language school in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, instead of half a day as before, and then selling goods to tourists in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

It is reported that the money Shali earned was used to pay the tuition fees of his brothers and sisters and repay his family debts. He learned many languages when selling souvenirs to tourists in Angkor Wat.

'Study is not tired, I like it. In the past, I had to sell things when I didn't go to school. That's tired, 'he said in English mixed with Chinese.

'I like the school here very much because the campus is very beautiful,' he said with a smile, 'I like learning English and Chinese. I like the classroom here. I like rice. I like my room. "

The South China Morning Post reported that Sally's experience has attracted the attention of China Hailiang education group. Li Ziqiang, director of public relations of the group, said that the school promised to subsidize Sally's high school, University and follow-up study expenses, and pay half of his living expenses until he starts graduate study - if he chooses to continue his further study.

"His family began to hesitate because if Sally left, they would lose an important breadwinner - especially when he was so famous on social media," he said

In Angkor Wat, Shali said he could earn $15 a day before becoming a celebrity. After becoming famous, he could make more money.

Wang Weihong, Sally's art teacher, said that Sally was very interested in Chinese culture, especially calligraphy, painting and sculpture.

"I want to be a businessman and make friends with China and Cambodia."

'if I stay in Cambodia, I have little time to go to school, and I may not find a good job. But when I study here, I have learned a lot. Maybe I will find a good job. " He said.

Netizen comments

In this regard, netizens have said that 'it's really hard to imagine that a teenage boy can master so many languages' and' he deserves better education '