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Hangzhou mother and daughter were besieged by dogs, and the dog owner refused to pay compensation

Recently, the topic of mother and daughter being besieged by dogs in Hangzhou has been on the hot search, which has attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, now more and more families begin to keep dogs, but most of them are non aggressive pet dogs. Recently, in a community in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, the owner Ms. Yang and her mother were besieged by dogs, and the dog owner was watching. What's going on? Let's get to know.

Ms. Yang is a community owner. She said that at that time, she and her mother went to the top floor to collect clothes. Because it was late, they went up with a flashlight. As a result, they were besieged by four dogs as soon as they arrived at the top floor. She said that at that time, her mother had been protecting her in front of her. Finally, she pushed her out of the top floor door and kept telling her to leave first.

Recalling the incident at that time, Ms. Yang said that it was too terrible, too desperate, and some moved. She said that at that time, because the door on the top floor could not be closed tightly, she was worried that the dog would open the door and continue to attack, so her mother had been holding the door with her body. Also later, Ms. Yang found that her mother was seriously bitten by a dog and shed a lot of blood.

Ms. Yang said that the four dogs on the top floor were big golden fur, bulldog and teddy. Another dog didn't see clearly because it was too dark. It was a bulldog that bit people. Ms. Yang also mentioned that the biting dog did not apply for relevant certificates.

After coming down from the top floor, Ms. Yang immediately went to the monitoring room to reflect the situation to the property, and dialed 110 and 120 at the same time. She said it was an unusually long 10 minutes that she experienced. At that time, her mother's blood flowed more and more and couldn't stop.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor gave emergency treatment to Ms. Yang's mother. After a series of examinations, injections and infusion, they went home from the hospital. But just arrived at the underground parking garage of the community, her mother's wound suddenly bled, so she rushed to the hospital again. This time, after arriving at the hospital, her mother had developed shock symptoms due to excessive blood loss and was sent to the emergency ward.

At present, Ms. Yang's mother is still in hospital for treatment.

Ms. Yang told reporters that the owner of the dog that bit the person was not the community owner, but the tenant. The other party said that it was only willing to bear the medical expenses, but refused to compensate. She asked Ms. Yang to go directly to the judicial procedure. So far, she has transferred 3000 yuan of medical expenses to her.

Ms. Yang said that when they were besieged by four dogs, the dog's owner stood a few meters away, but did not come forward to stop them. Afterwards, Ms. Yang questioned the dog owner, and the other party said 'I can't manage'.

In addition, Ms. Yang also said that yesterday morning, Xiaoshan urban management sent someone to deal with the matter, but at first the other party didn't cooperate and refused to open the door. Finally, she found the landlord and the intermediary to negotiate before opening the door. The bulldog that bit the person has been taken away by the urban management.