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How are double chins formed? We must pay attention to these five points

Double chin is something that annoys many girls, because double chin is easy to form but very difficult to reduce. Even after the beautiful fairy has double chin, her appearance plummeted. Do you know how the annoying double chin is formed? Let's have a look

1. Local fat accumulation outside the platysma

This is more popular, that is, you are fat. When there is a large amount of fat accumulation in the body, there is no double chin. Do you think it is possible? This is the most common reason for double chin. The solution is to lose weight!

2. Relaxation of platysma

When you are young, your muscles and skin will be tight and elastic. However, when people begin to age, the skin of the neck and skin will also have the problem of relaxation and sagging. Under the influence of gravity, double chins will appear. These people may be very thin, so the best solution is to use medical and aesthetic means to lift and tighten.

3. Bad posture

Long term head down to play mobile phones or habitually bow your head and hunchback when walking. These bad habits can easily make you 'grow' a double chin. Therefore, keeping a good posture at ordinary times, supplemented by some massage techniques, is the way to solve this double chin problem.

4. Bad chewing habits

Often eat some too delicate food, so that facial muscles can not get a normal stimulation and exercise. After chewing significantly less, the facial muscles will become relaxed and produce double chin. In this case, you can chew gum for 10 minutes a day to improve your double chin.

5. The chin is short or retracted

This is caused by the problem of development. Insufficient facial bone support will lead to such a situation. The best way is to pad the chin or move the chin osteotomy forward.