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The youth school has a big ending! Feng Lei, the "old opera bone", was highly praised by the audienc

Original title: the youth school is coming to an end. Feng Lei, the old drama bone, is highly praised by the audience

The hit drama "youth school" will have a grand finale tonight. This life drama, which focuses on family emotion and supplemented by current youth life, is not only full of authenticity, but also humorous. Since the broadcast, the ratings and reputation have soared all the way. In the play, Feng Lei plays Qian Yukun, Qian Sany's father. Qian Yukun is a man who loves money as much as his life. His marriage to his wife peiyin has long existed in name, and he even has a lover outside. But it is such a 'hateful' role that Feng Lei portrays it incisively, which makes netizens applaud one after another! In tonight's finale, Feng Lei expressed Qian Yukun's inner contradictions incisively and vividly, performed vividly, and then shaped a classic character.

'old drama bone' ingeniously interprets complex human nature 'money fan' Qian Yukun makes the audience 'hate it'

In the play, Qian Yukun immediately made the audience feel the 'disharmonious' atmosphere. The Qian family belongs to a scholarly family, but there is a 'layman' like Qian Yukun. It is always money to open and shut up. This not only disgusted old man Qian, but also his wife Pei Yin. The relationship between husband and wife has long been frozen. Not only that, Qian Yukun also raised a lover outside. Not to mention that the Qian family did not like Qian Yukun, even the audience had a very bad impression of Qian Yukun. Although Qian Yukun has many shortcomings, it can be seen from his feelings for his father and son that Qian Yukun also has many advantages.

Although Mr. Qian and Qian Yukun usually don't get together, Qian Yukun is a very filial person. On the occasion of father Qian's birthday, Qian Yukun specially invited relatives and friends to celebrate his father's birthday. Qian Yukun, who had long wanted to divorce his wife and marry 'Junior', was worried that a hasty divorce might stimulate the old man, so he kept dragging on without divorce. When Mr. Qian was admitted to the hospital by the 'Junior' and the doctor asked his family to accompany him, Qian Yukun no longer cared about business and stayed in the hospital to take care of his father wholeheartedly. It can be seen that Qian Yukun is not vague about filial piety to his parents. At the same time, Qian Yukun's father's love for his son Qian Sany has aroused controversy. In his opinion, father's love is to create more money for his son and let Qian Sany live a better material life. Therefore, Qian Yukun, who was busy making money, lost his son's growth, and the relationship between the two father and son became more and more estranged. But when the 'Junior' said he wanted to discipline Qian Sany, Qian Yukun said angrily, 'Qian Sany is my bottom line'! Although Qian Yukun and his son seldom meet and communicate, in Qian Yukun's heart, his son is the most important existence. Although Qian Yukun has many shortcomings, Feng Lei fully interprets the contradiction and conflict of the characters by his flesh and blood and penetrating interpretation, which makes many viewers shout 'can't hate' and deserve the title of 'old drama bone'.

Feng's "brain hole" was highly praised by the audience

In the youth school, Qian Yukun, played by Feng Lei, has a strange "brain circuit" and funny lines, which has aroused extensive discussion among the audience on social media. When Pei Yin found that Qian Sany was suspected of puppy love and told Qian Yukun for the first time, Qian Yukun said happily, 'my son has a girl he likes',' at least don't worry about his son's sexual orientation '. When Qian Sany gave up his youth class, Qian Yukun changed into a "bar elite" in seconds, and his strength returned to master Qian, saying that "time is money" and "there is a gold house in the book, and reading is to make money". On the microblog, Feng's' brain hole 'triggered a heated discussion among many viewers and was frequently praised as' this father is too cute.'

It is precisely because Feng Lei carefully polished every line and designed every expression and action that he can deduce the role of Qian Yukun incisively and vividly.

"Youth school" is coming to an end. In tonight's finale, Qian Yukun recognized the true face of "junior three" an Lili and finally chose to divorce her. How will Feng Lei interpret this complex emotion?