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He was fined 20000 for stealing garbage in the dark. The whole story of a premeditated night "steali

Stealing garbage will not only affect the city appearance and environment and cause environmental pollution. If it is not disposed in time, it will also lead to bad social impact and waste of public resources.

It is reported that recently, the urban management and law enforcement squadron of Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai detected and dealt with a case of stealing and disorderly falling at night, and the party concerned was finally sentenced to an administrative penalty of 20000 yuan.

Commit a crime in the dark

At the beginning of June, the squadron received a report from Shanghai Caohejing property that the property had set up a temporary storage point for decoration waste in a Park Branch Road near Central Road on Yaobei Road, but recently the property found that a large amount of waste had been stolen. The management of the park said that there was no way to deal with the garbage, and hoped that the urban management and law enforcement departments could find the source of the stolen garbage.

After the squadron was informed, it immediately sent team members to the site. After on-site investigation and measurement, it was found that 23.22 square meters of thermal insulation sponge materials were accumulated in the temporary stacking site of decoration waste. The law enforcement personnel made on-site inspection records and video evidence collection throughout the process.

Subsequently, law enforcement officers checked the probe in the park and found that at about 11 p.m. on May 30, a white van with the tail number of 691 entered the area. Two people got down from the car, removed the isolation pier at the intersection, dumped a large number of industrial thermal insulation materials and ran away. The whole process of stealing and dumping lasted more than 10 minutes.

According to the video, the law enforcement personnel judge that the stacking point is set up secretly, which ordinary people should not know. However, the illegal personnel in the video are familiar with this and should step on it in advance. Therefore, this is a planned and premeditated theft.

'trace 'to solve the case

In order to solve the case as soon as possible, the squadron contacted relevant departments and retrieved its recent driving route according to the vehicle license plate number.

It was found that during the period from May 30 to June 11, the car frequently passed the intersection of Jiuxin road and Jiufu road every morning and afternoon, and the activity radius was basically in Jiuting area. Therefore, the squadron judged that the vehicle might be parked in an enterprise on Jiufu road. In order to avoid startling the snake, the squadron immediately sent a group of team members to squat at the intersection of Jiufu road and Jiuxin road; Two groups of team members were sent to investigate and explore the enterprises along Jiufu road one by one, but no trace of the vehicle was found.

The case investigation team immediately changed its thinking, inquired the enterprise information from relevant departments on the basis of vehicle information, and found that the vehicle belonged to a HVAC Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.

According to the name of the enterprise, it was found that the registered address of the enterprise was in Zone A, No. 1, Rongle East Road, Songjiang District. The squadron drove to the address without stopping. However, after searching the whole park, the enterprise was not found.

On the one hand, the rear squadron continues to arrange team members to squat, on the other hand, it looks for relevant information through various channels.

With the unremitting efforts of the case handling personnel, we finally found a recruitment information of the enterprise on a website with a fixed telephone. The team members dialed the phone to confirm that the enterprise is a HVAC Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. After learning that the actual office address is located in an office building on Shunqing Road, Zhongxin Road, the investigators immediately brought relevant case information to the office.

After investigation and inquiry, it was learned that the illegal vehicles were owned by the enterprise, and the warehouse of the enterprise was in a factory on Jiufu Road, which also verified the previous judgment of the squadron. The investigators immediately reported to the team site, and the three teams immediately went to Jiufu Road plant as ordered, found the stolen vehicle and suspended it.

Severe punishment

In the subsequent case handling process, the parties were annoyed by their actions, and the company also expressed its willingness to bear the due legal consequences, and promised to learn a profound lesson and never commit it again.

Shen Xiaolei, vice captain of Jiuting town urban management and law enforcement squadron, said that in the future work, the squadron will continue to severely crack down on the behavior of stealing and littering, so as to achieve no tolerance and zero tolerance.