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What are the tips for girls to thin their faces? Thin face tips recommended

As girls, I have always admired others for having a delicate little face, but girls with big faces often have more fat on their faces. If they want to become a small V face, they need to reduce the fat. What kind of method can girls use to lose face? The following Xiaobian will introduce several good ways to thin your face. Come and learn

What are the tips for women's thin face

Strengthen facial elasticity: eyes staring at the front, tighten facial muscles and smile at the corners of the mouth, which can strengthen facial muscle elasticity. Continue the above expression, then narrow your eyes slightly and keep smiling. This action helps to strengthen the facial muscles around your eyes. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly count the names of five countries, then exhale and repeat the action five times.

Lose excess fat on the face: stick out a little tongue, gently bite with teeth, then smile and keep moving for 20 seconds. Stretch out a little tongue, don't bite your teeth on the tongue, count 5 times in your heart, and then restore your natural expression. Repeat the action 10 times. Put out a little tongue, gently bite with teeth, then smile, press and hold the belly of the index finger and middle finger of both hands on the smiling face and push it up for 20 seconds.

Eliminate double chin: the expression is natural, the teeth bite hard, the eyes squint at the front, and then the chin is slightly raised for 30 seconds. This action is very helpful to reduce the weight on the chin. Close your mouth, then pull your upper teeth back and move your lower teeth forward to tighten the muscles of your face for 20 seconds.

Beautify facial lines: open your mouth slightly and tighten your facial muscles as much as possible, which can make your facial lines more beautiful! Open your mouth slightly, then smile, and then close your mouth to restore the state of no facial expression. Repeat the action for 5 times and stay for 10 seconds each time. The expression is natural. Look ahead and pay attention to the tension of facial muscles. The action lasts for 20 seconds.

What can eat thin face

1、 Carrot

If you want to lose face, carrots really can't be missed. You can directly squeeze the carrot into juice and drink it. It will taste better with some honey. The nutrition of carrots is very rich. A large number of vitamins can promote the body's metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, discharge waste from the body, improve skin quality and thin face.

2、 Bean seedling

Bean sprouts contain ingredients to eliminate edema, so it's best to thin your face. For example, it contains potassium, which plays a great role in eliminating edema. Regular consumption of bean sprouts can help the body discharge toxins and excess water, and then help thin face.

3、 Red wine

Red wine is a good friend and helper for women's beauty and weight loss. If you think your face is swollen and your waist and abdomen and legs are fat, you can try the method of reducing weight with flower red wine. The method of reducing face with flowers and red wine can act on the waist, abdomen and legs at the same time to reduce weight for the body.

4、 Celery

Celery is a classic slimming food. Everyone knows that celery has a very good detoxification effect and rich nutrition. Celery contains a lot of dietary fiber. When eating celery, it can promote oral activities and drive facial movement through chewing.

Thin face needle thin face method

1. Masseter hypertrophy will make the facial lines look too stiff and lack the unique sense of beauty of women. It can block the conduction function of muscle and muscle nerve through face thinning needle, so as to achieve the face thinning effect of numbing muscle nerve and rapidly shrinking skin.

2. In order to obtain the best face slimming effect, don't stop massaging the face after injection, don't lie down immediately, and don't always shake your head. Hard nut foods should also be prevented as much as possible. Because these will affect the postoperative effect, beauty seekers should pay attention to them. Generally speaking, the face slimming effect will show obvious effects within 1-2 weeks, but it may take 3-4 weeks to see the effect due to the relationship between people's physique.

3. The thin face needle makes the thin big face smaller quickly through scientific principle, so as to achieve the effect of effective thin face. The effect will be superimposed with the superposition of injection times