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Net loan of 500 yuan to 280000 female college students

in March 2016, Wang was supposed to spend the best time of her life on the university campus. She never thought that because of the online loan of 500 yuan, the nightmare began and accompanied her for three years. She has borrowed money from 22 different online loan platforms. Even if she broke East walls to make up west walls, the 500 yuan borrowed is still like a snowball, rolling to 280000 yuan. Not only that, the online loan platform also constantly abused and even threatened to send her nude photos to the people around her. In March 2019, Wang, who was almost depressed, had to call the police.

In June 19th, 5 suspect were escorted back to Guangdong by the Changji police. Up to now, more than 4 million yuan of funds involved in the case have been frozen, more than 60 bank cards involved, more than 80 mobile phones involved, 3 vehicles involved and 6 computers have been detained.

This is the first inter provincial 'routine loan' case cracked in Xinjiang.

In March 2015, Wang, who was studying in University, took a fancy to a mobile phone with an installment payment of 2000 yuan, with a monthly repayment of 300 yuan. She has 1000 yuan of living expenses every month. Wang roughly calculated the account and felt that she still had 300 yuan a month, which was within her bearing range.

Unexpectedly, in March 2016, Wang spent a lot on his life, and the 300 yuan in that month could not be repaid. When she saw the publicity materials of "low interest, unsecured and fast lending" on the Internet, she filled in the information according to the requirements of the materials. Then a man who claimed to be a salesman of the loan company called her to guide Wang to sign several electronic contracts and told Wang to pay overdue fees. Wang successfully borrowed 500 yuan, but the interest of the online loan platform was 30 cents, After deducting the weekly interest of 150 yuan, she can really get only 350 yuan.

For Wang, who has only 1000 yuan of living expenses a month, she can't afford to pay off more than half of her living expenses a week. In this way, when Wang could not repay the principal and interest after maturity, the staff of the online loan platform recommended to her other lending platforms under her name to let Wang borrow again on other platforms. The borrowed money was used to repay the principal and interest owed before. Wang entered another borrowing trap from one borrowing trap.

Just like this, Wang's loan is rolling like a snowball. After she has repaid 280000 yuan, the huge debt is still not paid off.

Before the online loan, Wang was required to sign a principal and interest contract respectively, and upload a bust photo with her ID card. Her mobile phone address book, wechat and QQ related information should be mortgaged to the other party as collateral.

The online loan company introduced 22 lenders to Wang on wechat by increasing the loan amount by "borrowing the new and returning the old", and she signed 44 principal and interest contracts. Until graduation in July 2017, Wang spent all his time borrowing money to repay the money.

Wang returned to his hometown in Manas County after graduation. She never dared to tell her mother about it. Until January 2018, the online loan platform called Wang's mother day and night, and constantly abused and even threatened to send P Wang's nude photos to the people around her. The collection phone was like an invisible net covering the lives of mother and daughter. Wang's mother couldn't bear the disturbance. Last January, she paid 130000 yuan at one time. Even so, I still receive the harassment of debt collection calls from time to time. In those days, mother and daughter had a miserable life.

By the time Wang reported the case, she had remitted a total of more than 280000 yuan to the online loan company.

In March, after Wang called the police, the Party committee of Manas County Public Security Bureau attached great importance to the case, immediately dispatched capable police to form a task force to investigate the case, reported the case level by level, and jointly supervised the case under the guidance of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the public security department of the autonomous region and the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Changji Prefecture Public Security Bureau.

He Kaikai, deputy chief of the Criminal Police Brigade of Manas County Public Security Bureau, told reporters that due to the large time span, tight organization of criminal gangs, meticulous division of labor and strong anti investigation awareness, it has brought great difficulties to the detection of cases. Over the past two months, the police of the task force went to many provinces and cities to query 63 bank accounts involved, and preliminarily mastered the basic information of the suspect by combing the capital flow. The suspect is very cunning, hiding the dens carefully, and sometimes changing the location suddenly, which brings great difficulties to the arrest. With the cooperation of network security, technical investigation and other relevant departments in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, it was determined that the suspect's dens were in a mountain village in Chaozhou City. After three days and three nights of squatting, the 5 suspect was captured in June 11th with the cooperation of local public security organs.

At present, 5 suspect are detained in Manasi County Detention Center, and the case is being dug up.