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How do girls look good when they take pictures? If you want to take photos, you must take these step

Girls like to take pictures, but how can they be recognized at a glance in a large crowd? Learning to make up is key. So if you want to take pictures, you must keep up with these steps. Let's have a look with Sihai Xiaobian!


Bottom makeup is the first and most important step of makeup. Although photography can be used in the later stage, it will greatly reduce the effect. Therefore, it is best to cover the defects that can be covered up when making up, because there is the phenomenon of eating makeup when taking photos with mobile phones or cameras, so even if the bottom makeup is very heavy, the photos can not be seen, At the same time, we should also do a good job in moisturizing before makeup, so as not to peel and float powder in the follow-up.


The shape of your eyebrows depends on what you want to show. If you love a sweet style, you can start to smile when you draw your eyebrows. Flat eyebrow is a good choice. If you love a little more European and American styles, then cover your eyebrows with Concealer before making up, and then draw a fine eyebrow.

Eye makeup

Similarly, in the eye makeup part, it is also painted according to your love style, but no matter which style it is, it must be painted more seriously. It is right, because it is not heavy and not colored, and it can use red more. This effect is more obvious. Adding a shiny eye shadow will be more prominent, creating a natural outline, taking pictures that look like bling bling, and preferably putting false eyelashes. In this way, the eyes will look bigger and the eyeliner should be a little more special. In a word, the eye makeup must be painted 'heavy', so it will be better to take pictures.

Highlights and shadows

Highlights and shadows are indispensable. Shadows can make your face look smaller in the photo. Highlights make your face look more three-dimensional. Brush the highlights in the current part and the T-shaped area, and brush the shadows on the contour of the face. In this way, the whole face will look better under the lens.


Lipstick has many colors. The style you want to paint depends on the positioning of your overall makeup. It can be matte or moisturizing. You can also choose the overlapping method to make the color fuller and richer and make your lips look better