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What month is national land day? Five prohibitions of land protection

"Land day" is the first national commemorative Publicity Day determined by the State Council. China is the first country in the world to set up a special memorial day to protect land. National land day is a very important commemorative Publicity Day in China, but many people don't know much about it. What month and day is national land day? This article brings you the time of national land day and the five prohibitions of land protection. Let's have a look.

what is the national land day in 2019?

Tuesday, June 25, May 23 of the lunar calendar

China's land resources are characterized by 'one more and three less', that is, more total amount, less per capita cultivated land, less high-quality cultivated land and less exploitable reserve resources. Although China's existing land area ranks third in the world, its per capita is only 1 / 3 of the world's per capita; The cultivated land area ranks second in the world, and the per capita ranks 67th in the world.

In this limited cultivated land, the cultivated land lacking water source guarantee, drought degradation, soil erosion and serious pollution accounts for a considerable proportion. The reserve resources are 201 million mu, of which only 120 million mu can be reclaimed into cultivated land. Considering the requirements of ecological protection, the development of cultivated land reserve resources is strictly limited, and it is very limited to supplement cultivated land through reserve resource development in the future.

Five prohibitions on land protection

1、 Non agricultural construction is not allowed to occupy basic farmland (except as stipulated by law);

2、 It is not allowed to reduce the area of basic farmland in violation of the overall land use plan in the name of returning farmland to forests;

3、 It is not allowed to occupy basic farmland for afforestation and the development of forestry and fruit industry;

4、 It is forbidden to dig ponds in basic farmland to raise fish, raise livestock and poultry, and other production and business activities that seriously damage the cultivated layer;

5、 It is not allowed to occupy basic farmland for the construction of green channels and green isolation belts.