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American man caught 900 kg of great white shark in sea fishing netizen: the old man and the sea?

Original title: men fishing caught 900 kg of great white shark, about 5 meters long. Netizen: is this the old man and the sea?

On June 18, a group of American men went fishing together, but a great white shark accidentally took the bait. It is understood that the shark is about 5 meters long and weighs about 900 kilograms.

In addition, the men did not hurt the shark, but let it leave after it ate the bait. Shark: little sample, I won't eat you today.

Netizen comments:

In fact, fishing for a great white shark is not the first time. According to foreign media reports, in 2015, Robertson, a fisherman in Auckland, New Zealand, caught a great white shark while fishing near the whitemata wharf.

It is reported that at that time, the fisherman and his family were fishing near the wharf. In the 2.5-meter-deep water, Robertson suddenly felt that a fish had bitten the bait. His uncle insisted that it was kahawai fish, but he didn't expect it to be a huge surprise.

It was reported that Robertson handed the fishing rod to his more experienced brother, and the great white shark suddenly jumped into the water, revealing a sharp fangs. My brother said, 'at first I thought it was a strange whale with a huge body. I shouted to the other three people and quickly pulled the fishing rod out of the water. Then I immediately confirmed that it was a great white shark. Its abdomen was very white and its teeth could be seen in its mouth. "

It is reported that in order not to hurt the great white shark, Robertson and others dragged the anchor and then drove the ship back. Yan said, 'I don't want to kill or hurt it. Therefore, if I put the boat close to it, I can cut the fishing line in its mouth, which can increase its chances of survival. But the great white shark jumped up again and the fishing line broke. "

What's special about great white sharks?

Great white shark (scientific name: Carcharodon carcharias), also known as man eating shark, is the largest carnivorous fish. It is up to 6.5 meters long and weighs 3200 kg. Its tail is crescent shaped, its teeth are large and serrated, triangular, and its teeth are 10 cm long. It is a large offensive shark. However, because of its huge size, it can be considered as the ultimate predator in the food chain, that is, the most senior consumer.

Great white sharks are distributed in tropical and temperate regions of the oceans. They generally live in open ocean areas, but often enter inland waters. It mostly inhabits near the surface, with a water depth of 3 ~ 300m, sometimes drops to a depth of 700m or 1000m, and sometimes comes to offshore shallow water. Great white sharks like to prey on fish, turtles, seabirds, sea lions, walrus seals of similar weight, and even dying giant baleen whales. They occasionally eat dolphins, whale carcasses and even other sharks, but in addition, they also swallow many other things, such as sea otters, dead fish floating on the sea, etc

Great white shark first appeared in Miocene and is the only existing member of the genus anthropophagus. Therefore, its survival is very difficult. It can be said that the existence of each great white shark is a miracle of life evolution, just like the Cretaceous dinosaurs. As the number of great white sharks is decreasing and on the verge of extinction, great white sharks have been listed as a protected species in the world and hunting is prohibited. It is considered to be an ocean killer because of its large size and aggressiveness, and has been made into a film of the same name and a game of the same name.