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The harm of eating barbecue and drinking beer is that we all eat wrong in summer

Chinese people are used to drinking beer when they eat. The barbecue at night coupled with cool beer is the favorite of many citizens. However, many citizens probably don't know that drinking beer when they eat barbecue is very harmful, which may cause some gastrointestinal diseases and liver injuries.

What's the harm of eating barbecue and drinking beer?

1, carcinogenesis

In Maillard reaction, nucleic acids in meat and most amino acids produce gene mutations when heated and decomposed, which may lead to cancer. In addition, in the barbecue environment, there will be some carcinogens through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other ways into the human body to induce gastric cancer, colorectal cancer.

It is understood that because meat is roasted directly under high temperature, the decomposed fat drops on the carbon fire, and the thermal polymerization reaction generated by food fat coking combines with the protein in the meat, it will produce a high carcinogenic substance called benzopyrene, which is attached to the food surface. It has been measured that the content of benzopyrene in the scorched scraps adhered on the iron sticks for barbecue is as high as 125 micrograms per kilogram. In the peak period of human flow, it not only harms the consumers, but also the passers-by. At the same time, there is another carcinogen -- nitrosamine in the barbecue food. Nitrosamines are easy to be produced in the curing process before roasting.

2. Equivalent to smoking hazard

The World Health Organization published the results of a three-year study, saying that eating barbecue equals the toxicity of smoking. Eating a roasted chicken leg is equivalent to smoking 60 cigarettes, according to a US research center. Women who eat barbecue are twice as likely to have breast cancer as women who don't like barbecue. Increased risk of ovarian cancer. Barbecue food has strong 'toxicity'.

3. Susceptible parasites

The barbecue food is charred and tender inside. Some of the meat is not cooked thoroughly, or even raw. If the raw meat that has not been roasted is unqualified meat, such as' rice pork ', the eater may be infected with parasites, burying the hidden danger of cerebral cysticercosis.

4. It is more harmful than frying and more rubbish than fried food

In recent years, the variety of barbecue food has been expanding year by year, and its safety has been questioned. It is believed that barbecue food ranks first among junk food, and its harm is more than fried food. Recently, the U.S. Department of health released a new list of carcinogens, listing high-temperature barbecue food.

5. Serious pollution of surrounding environment and atmosphere

Barbecue has formed a deformed consumer industry. This kind of smoke produced by the oil drop on the carbon fire contains fine particles that pollute the air environment. At present, there is no good way to remove these fine particles. Our environment and health are harmed, especially in many residential areas downstairs, the barbecue smoke is flying all over the sky, and the smell of smoke often goes into the residents' rooms, which not only pollutes the air, but also affects others' rest. Seriously damage the interests of others!

6. Affect the vision of teenagers

Eating too much cooked, smoked and roasted meat will be threatened by diseases such as parasites, which will seriously affect the vision of teenagers and cause myopia.

Intense study and heavy work cause the ciliary muscle of the eye to contract continuously for a long time, which first causes the accommodation spasm and eyesight fatigue. At this time, if you eat too many cooked and smoked protein foods, the calcium metabolism in the human body will be abnormal, resulting in the lack of trace element calcium. Its function is like catalyst, which promotes the occurrence of myopia.

7. Culprit of modern disease

High toxicity, because of the high fat and calories contained in this kind of food, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other 'modern diseases' have a lot to do with it. Conclusion it is not difficult to find out that from the perspective of nutrition and food safety, barbecue food is not desirable.

8. Reduce protein utilization and cause 'fire'

During barbecue, there will be 'Maillard reaction'. With the release of fragrance, vitamins are destroyed, protein denaturation, amino acids are also destroyed, seriously affecting the intake of the three. In addition, after barbecue, the nature of the food tends to be hot and dry. In addition, the use of a variety of condiments, such as cumin, pepper, chili, etc., are all hot ingredients, which are very spicy and stimulating, will greatly stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive fluid, may damage the digestive tract mucosa, and affect the balance of the constitution, making people 'on fire'.

Why can't you drink beer with seafood?

Nowadays, the material life is very rich. Eating seafood is not the patent of coastal city people. Seafood can be eaten all over the country, and beer has become a regular customer at people's dinner table. Beer is indispensable no matter whether you have a drink or entertain guests. There may be no big problem in these two kinds of eating alone. However, if you drink beer while eating seafood, it's a big event Unfortunately, it's better not to drink both at the same time. What will happen?

People only like to eat seafood because they can not only taste all kinds of seafood, but also take in the rich nutrients in seafood. Now scientists research that the animals and creatures in the ocean are very rich in nutrients that are helpful to human health. We suggest that you can take in more. Beer is made of yeast. A small amount of beer will help people's health. Of course, too much beer will lead to drunkenness.

But people only know the delicacy of seafood, but they ignore that there are two substances in seafood that are not very needed by human body, purine and glucoside acid. Our favorite beer is rich in vitamin B1, which is an important catalyst for the catabolism of these two components, will increase the content of uric acid in blood. Once uric acid can not be discharged from the body in time, it will be deposited in the form of sodium salt, causing gout or stone formation. Therefore, seafood should not be drunk together with beer, because this will lead to gout.

This is also the reason why people living in coastal cities are much more likely to have gout than those living in inland cities, because there is a saying: "near water, buildings, first of all, the moon". People living in coastal cities are used to eating seafood since childhood, and it is more convenient to eat fresh seafood than inland cities. Therefore, there are more people suffering from gout in these cities, and now people gather They are used to drinking beer and eating seafood at the same time, so gout will find them.

People without gout may not know gout very well. In fact, gout is a very painful and painful disease. Because the deposition of uric acid is mainly in the joint, and it will crystallize. At this time, it will bring very obvious pain, and the pain is just like needling. The sharp pain caused by the friction of the whole joint is intolerable. Moreover, the crystallization goes to Starting from the toe joint, gout patients are very difficult to walk even when they have an attack, because the pain is unbearable.

Disease is eaten, so is health. Gout is a chronic disease that can be completely prevented and controlled. For those who like to eat seafood and like to drink, they can drink a little white wine when eating seafood, because white wine contains a certain amount of alcohol, which has the function of sterilization. Of course, it can not be excessive, and can also drink some red wine properly to boost the fun, but never drink beer, these are just one of life Some common sense, but if you don't understand it, you may get it, and all this is because you eat the wrong food.