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Cream and lotion that good effect? The difference between cream and lotion

As a skin care white, many friends are not sure what the difference between lotion and cream is. In fact, cream and lotion are suitable for different skin types. Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed description of their differences. Interested friends, let's have a look.

What is the difference between lotion and cream?

Lotion is a liquid skin care product. Its moisture content is relatively large. It can flow after it is poured into the hands. It has good moisturizing effect and humidity control effect. It can replenish enough moisture and nutrients to the skin, and there is also a certain wading effect to avoid evaporation of water.

The emulsion is usually added with oil and fat. A good moisturizing effect of essential oil can help you to relieve the dry and tight skin condition and make the skin get enough paper. If the skin does not have much problems and troubles, or if the skin is relatively young, it can be used directly after skin cleaning.

Cream is a high-grade skin care product. Its texture is thicker. It can moisturize the skin for a long time. It can also provide more nutrients to cells, its ductility is also good, and the classification of cream is also more. It is generally divided into day cream and night cream. The day cream is to help us protect our skin from the daytime and protect it from moisture. Night cream is the effect of repairing and nourishing your skin.

Moisturizing cream is generally high moisture content, easy to push evenly, and can quickly penetrate into the skin's surface, but also can make the moisturizing skin components remain, not easy to evaporate, keep the skin's moisture content, collocation with moisturizing lotion and essence, and the effect of moisture retention will be more obvious.

Lotion is more liquid than cream, and it will be more liquid. The texture of the cream is more viscous.

In terms of function, the function of emulsion is more inclined to the daily moisturizing and replenishing water. And the role of the cream is large, it is more partial functional type, can better solve some skin problem.

What is the cream and cream for?

The emulsion also contains a small amount of oil, which can replenish the oil needed for the skin while replenishing the skin. It also provides a moisturizing sebum film for the skin to prevent the loss of moisture. Because of its good water locking function, it is suitable for people with dry skin.

The cream may be thicker than the emulsion in texture, moisturizing effect is better than the emulsion, suitable for people in dry season and dry skin.